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Hey I just bought a Pioneer VSX 1020 and am trying to program the remote. The book says try these codes to get your other components programmed. I've tried all the codes many times with no luck. I am not using any strange, hard to find equip either. I bought my Insignia dvd player from Target and my Samsung LCD from Best Buy. Got my DirecTV DVR from DirecTV. I've contacted Pioneer and they can't help. They said those codes may work. Well, why put them in there if they don't? I thought they tested this out.

Any suggestions?
Or should I start saving for a Logitech All in One remote and go that route?

Very frustrating...


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I would say just get a Logitech Harmony remote. This is because it will be easier to set up, will have far more functionality (most of the TV ones only give basic controls over other items) and will just work so much better (give one button switch on of all items).


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thanks. I was not ready to go that route but I may have no choice. Doesn't make sense that they put it in and don't test it. Just don't offer the functionality if you're not going to let it work. I have standard equipment. Nothing special. Very frustrating...
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