Puzzle - Suddenly no Freesat signal with Panasonic DMR-BS850EBK Twin Freesat Tuners 500GB HDD Blu-ray Recorder


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Hello - my ancient but treasured device was working OK last week - 90% strength on signal - recording OK - BUT then suddenly the tuner says "no signal on either of the tuners. I know it's old kit - but it did what I wanted. Recorded to HDD, archived to bluray.

I thought - ah must be the LNB - been outside since 2010 or before! So ordered a new dual LNB. SAME PROBLEM. Tuner says satellite cannot be found.

Amazon product

"SLx LNB Twin Output, 4K Satellite HD 2 Output KU Band Universal for SKY HD/Freesat HD with MK4 Bracket"​

Got up ladder to replace the LNB. Bit corroded but removed cables, swopped LNB. If I cover front of LNB with hand signal goes down of signal strength meter. Red LED is lit showing power supplied to LNB. Did a factory reset on Pansonic. No difference.

SO - is there some known failure mode of the Panasonic box "Freesat" section? I dont want to bin the Pansonic and spend £250 on a 1TB HDD replacement unless I an sure the new box will work?

Any advice / test procedure please? Thanks, Mel
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Maybe the dish has moved in the recent storms.

Try your ancient treasured device on someone else’s known working dish.

Randomly changing parts such as a not very old LNB is pointless and a waste of money. I have LNBs from the ‘90s still working fine.


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In my experience it's luck of the draw when it comes to LNB quality, but a good one should last a long time, especially if it's sheltered from the weather. That said, I had a relatively new LNB that would intermittently give no signal.

I'd start by getting the dish alignment checked by a professional. He/she/they can test the LNB to see what's going on, check alignment, signal and so forth. I suspect that on this occasion, it's the Panasonic that's developed a fault, especially as it's fairly long in the tooth. If so, it might be reparable. A Panasonic service centre is your friend.

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