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heyhey all

Got my DVD drive question answered (cheers hawklord), now wondering if anyone can sort out my other problem :)

Designed a website, got it all ready, but I have no clue how to put it on the internet.

I'm looking for my own domain, how would I go about getting my own web address? And I'm guessing I need some web hosting. Is there anyone in particular someone can recommend?

Just basically, if anyone can give me some advice on putting a website on the net.

My site is for my online Graphic Design portfolio. A couple of animated shorts at about 100mb altogether is the biggest thing I would have on there.

Any help would be mucho appreciated :)



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thats a pretty big web site you have got there!

I used to do this sort of stuff all the time but that was 3 or 4 years ago so i may be a bit out of touch with the cheapest sites but have a look at

your web address is cheap enough its the hosting that will cost you the money. Free sites are available at geocities but not for 100mb!

Even for the 2 above If you could get the whole site down below 100mb it would save you a lot of money. How big are the individual files? It takes a hell of a long time to download even 10mb on a telephone line.

You will also need an ftp program to upload the site. there are some free ones about if you search for them but try cuteftp (30 day free trial) Its dead easy to use.



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you could try www.oneandone.co.uk

They have a domain registration and web hosting service, mail forwarding and so on.

Does your Internet Service Provider include any webspace in your deal - take a look at their website if you don't know. Rare for them to offer much more than 50 or 100 mb for "free" (inclusive) though.

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the problem with free webspace is the ammount of adverts that go with it. if it going to be used by clients ect, then they are a little un proffesional looking.
i have recently used streamline.net who are an english based company (if. like me. thats important to you) 1 years 500mb space with pop 3 e-mail for £19. as for you own domain. an english domain is cheaper than a us one and can cost from free to £30 for the year.
what software did you use to create you site? it may have an ftp uload facility with it.


Dang, so many options to choose from :)

I used Dreamweaver to create the site. Would that have an upload facility?


K, just so I know.

If someone is offering 100mb of webspace, does that mean my website has to be 100mb or less in size? Or is there some sort of bandwidth thing involved?

And if I got web hosting with one company, can I still get a domain from somewhere else and upload to there?


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Just to let you know, I signed up with oneandone, and am more than happy with the pricing, hosting, e-mails etc.

They get my recommendation.


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