putting a disk in DVD rewriter hangs pc


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Got a strange problem, every now and again when i put a blank disc into one of my dvd-rewriters ( i have 2) occasionally it will hang the pc.

Once i have restarted all is ok but it does it now and again, it used to do it when i had a dvd-rom fitted, and i replaced it with another dvd-rewriter and it still does it.

Have got the latest firmware updates for both drives (both lite-on) have not long just done a complete re-install (housekeeping time) and have made sure both jumper connections are correct, as well as the ide cable, everythings secure so any ideas? :lease:

Monty Burns

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Does event viewer show any information after the reboot? If so, grab it and paste it here.

Just in case you don't know how to access event viewer:

right click "my computer"
select "manage"
and there you should see "Event Viewer"

Check out the system then *possibly* security tabs and finaly, least likely of all three, Applications.
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