Put up my new UHD60 Optoma Projector best upgrade


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Hi guys ended up getting the optoma UHD60 I know it wasnt the uhd65 that I viewed in richer sounds but a deal come up on ebay that I couldnt say no to.

It was a good deal and I only ended paying £1150 and that was for the optoma uhd60,peerless prgs unv w projector bracket and a Sony UBP-X800 all in all very inprest this also all come with richer sounds 6 year guarantee dont no how good they are with the guarantee but it come with it, Well its a massive improvment over my hd230x it was a bit of a nightmare setting up with no keystone and only lens shift, Projector has to be moved as the lens of this one was smack in the middle also had to go back a tad.

I got the image as good as I could get it but thats as low as I can get the screen although I would like it about 60cm down more, Im a novice who only got my first projector 6 weeks ago.

I have used the test screen pictures uploaded, Picture quality to my eye is very good can notice the judder at the enf of the films when the credits come up compared to the uhd65.

Im using a 10m cable £20 frin local electric store saying its 4k and its passing skq q and sony 4k player, only thing is it wont play xbox s on 4k hdr but when I change to 1080p is works and comes through, when I click on netflix through the xbox it dose come up with hdr top right of the screen, dont no if its the cable or if this is how its meant to be. I will try a 5m cable later and run it throught the middle of my lounge to test.

Image picture is quality compared to my hd230x and this is out the of the box settings as well. I have no idea what to adjust or change like I said totally new at this, Pics up 4k hdr auto when playing as well so thats handy. This is projecting on a 106" sapphire pulldown screen, I have uploaded a few pics of the scene Peter rabit as thats what the kids was watching at the time I have bought the new Blade running 4k uhd as thats what the man in hmv said was very good to test.

Whats people reviews who have this projector worth keeping or reselling at getting the uhd65 ??

Also does anyone have any settings that I could try on mine to make picture colour better, anything I need to change on xbox or new 4k player ? Just want the best out of this projector.
Aas for the the angle set up is there anything else I could do so I could move the screen without the screen getting small at the bottom or top as there is no keystone or bite the bullet and have the screen a bit higher or buy the exstention pole for the pearless mount ? Havve it hanging a bit more lower ?

Also whats people views on fiber hdmi and can anyone point me in the right direction, everything is running through my sony 1080 av amp.

Thanks guys and hopfully im on track just trying to find a better surround sound than the bose acoustimass 15 I have...

Thanks and look foward to some replys.


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