Put in a new 3G card and it wont work!


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Following advice found on here I bought a prepaid micro sim (on three) to cut down to go into my lovely new ipad mini. The first time I did this is worked immediately and was great. I only bought a months worth so have had to put another one it. Bought it and cut it and it fits perfectly but when I turn on the cellular it comes up with 'No service'. The only difference between this card and the first one I bought it that this one has 3GB of data on it and it lasts 3 months and the other one only had 1GB and lasted 30 days....also have just noticed that this one actually says IPAD on the packaging which the last one didn't.

Can any one suggest what I did wrong or what I am dong wrong. I am loath to buy another one as I suspect that wont work either. I don't really want to take out a contract sim as I use it so rarely and it works out at over twice the price for the time I would need the card.

Thanks for any help any one can give me.



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Can you not just load more data on your first card? You don't normally need to change the card, just buy a top up voucher. If it is the same company, you should be able to get the data transferred over to it from the fault card as well.

You may have damaged the card in cutting it. This is just bad luck normally.


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Thanks for replying. I initially tried to that but as the other card has expired I can;t work out how to do it! When I try to get onto My3 is says I need to be connected using the data card ---that has expired so I can;t! If I try to register the account it sends me a text message with my password in it which I can;t access with the ipad.

When I put the new card in the cellular data number changed to that of the new card so I think it is reading it but just not connecting to the internet. I am not sure how much help I would get by ringing 3 when I have to admit that I have cut it up!

I don;t understand why I can;t get a prepaid nano card in the same was as the one I have for the micro card. The only nano cards I can find are on a rolling contract for 12 months which I really don;t think I will get enough use out of.

Thanks for your suggestion.


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