Put A Hdd Into Panasonic Dmr-e30


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hi i'm new here but i was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to fit a hdd into this recorder

and also does anyone know how to record dvds using this machine playing from either a pc or ps2



I'm sure there would be some space inside the case LOL
Just sling one in hehehehehe

NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! You can't!


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That'll be an HS2 then.

I know what you mean though. If a iMac can support a firewire plug-in drive why not a DVD recorder or for that matter, any recording device (TIVO or Vid)

No doubt a better informed member will reply to the contrary



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You can't compare a PC / Mac application with standalone units;
Computer setups can have their programs altered to accept peripherials; standalone units are fixed. The advantage is that the units actually work without crashing every other day like computer based units; the disadvantage is that you're stuck with what's programmed into them, with no scope to add-on.
But as wilby said, the HS-2 is what you're after...


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i would like an hs2 but i can't afford it and i don't see the point in paying an extra £400 for what is basically a dmr-e30 with a hard drive, that is why i was wanting to know if it was possible to either put a hard drive inside the case or connect an external hard drive to it :(


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Fully agree that it is indeed £400 for an extra hard drive and DV input. It's where the E-20 was a year ago at £900; you're paying for the development costs for the first year...
An alternative is to get a second Panasonic dvd player that plays back RAM discs (they've been mentioned in the forum); as the RAMs behave like a hard drive, you get the best of both worlds for less money...

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I bought a TiVo recently (seeing as they were only £99) to work with my E30, ie record to Ram, edit, record on TiVo, then back to DVD-R. Works great but is a bit of a chore, and even on 'best' quality the TiVo isn't a patch on the panny. I reckon I'm gonna get one of the new DVD-Ram players when funds allow.


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thanks for the info but does anyone know if i can play a dvd on another player(ps2 for example) and then record it using the dmr-e30?



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Yes, easily. unless there's Macrovision copy protection, in which case the Panny will politely tell you "Recording of this material is not allowed". I get round this with Macro stripping scart leads from Sonel.com.

The copying is like playing back a video though; you won't copy the menus etc

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