Pushing the Envelope - Television innovation at the World Cup


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Thanks Steve. Enjoyable read !

The one thing that struck me was the use of HD in Italia 90 i.e. a full 16 year delay to when HD broadcasts were available in the UK. Whilst i'm sure that "the technology world moves quicker these days", it's some context to 4k being used for the first time this year.


Steve Withers

I was amazed at that too, I guess HD was rolled out quicker in other territories but Italia '90 was still over a decade before HD broadcasts really began anywhere.


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I can remember when live broadcasts from far-off countries (World Cup and Olympics) would be grainy and hard to see and the sound would be worse than a phone line. It all gave the whole event an air of specialness which you don't get when you can see and hear everything perfectly!

As far as innovations like 3D and 4K go, I think Paddy Power had the right idea. In-play manager sacking is the way to go.

Steve Withers

Now 8K broadcasting is at least a decade away!


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Not for Japan. NHK are clearly targeting 8k broadcasts to homes in Japan for the 2020 Olympics, with trial 8k services starting in 2018.
They must have much bigger living rooms than we do.....hang on...!

Steve Withers

I lived in Tokyo for two years and most people's apartments are the size of a shoe box, so God knows why they need 8K.

1080 jawbreaker

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1125 hi vision, The Japanese were light years ahead of us cave dwellers


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And it flopped


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So they could feasibly release a blu ray of Gazza's tears and Waddle's penalty miss :eek:
Think someone already did that (One Night in Turin).

Greg Hook

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Shame that despite pushing the envelope at the World Cup, ITV are giving us crappy 2.0 sound compared to the BBCs 5.1. :(


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Not really being a footie fan but occassionally watching a match, I don't really mind the quality of sound as I turn those pundits and commentators off with the volume right down. It's the same when the wife is watching tennis , who wants to listen to John McEnroe and his constant opinions and statistics ?.

Back to footall,
What I would like to see is the cameras moved to the other side of the pitch at half time, then the team that was playing left to right before half time will still playing left to right in the second half.
At least that would stop me from having to turn the telly around. o_O :rolleyes:

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