PUS9005 Ambilight+Hue issues after update


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they know the problem it supposed to fix it with the last update that they released but they dident.its a software issue from the tv updates


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Just a quick note, they've asked me to try the remote app for android, and the weird thing is that the option Ambilight + Hue caused a crash every time in the app. On every device i've tried


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For the dutch people here:


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The remote App is not working. I tryed this bevore and after the problem. It was not possible to create a working ambilight+hue setup. I tryed this in January and after the software update in March. Both failed.


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For me the remote app(iphone) just started to work again after the last update.
it broke down for me at exactly the same update where the amblight+hue broke down. Since then i wasnt able to open the remote app(crashes). Since last update this was fixed for me and remote app works but setting up amblight+hue with remote app is not working. Same delay problems amd no


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I've pulled the logs too for the engineers and from looking at the logcat files and reviewing the hue API developer website, the TV isn't using the right code for entertainment mode. Basically using the older model. You can see this by querying the bridge api as it doesn't show streaming mode. Tested this in hue essentials on the police lights and that showed as streaming in the api and in the hue app. Waiting on some feedback now from them.

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