PUS7805 Atmos indicator


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When in Netflix I can’t seem to see any content that has Atmos and if I have a google and find a film that says Netflix has an Atmos soundtrack and select that, I don’t get the Atmos indicator show on the 7805 even though I have selected it in the menu. Has anybody got this tv and Netflix and can you tell me if you get the Atmos indicator show up on the tv?
I also used to get it show up on the tv when playing back films via my Kodi Android box, but again this seems to have disappeared even though I know they are Atmos soundtracks.


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Do you have the Dolby Atmos speaker virtualizer enabled in the TV's sound settings menu (sound style = personal + virtualizer = either "on" or "auto")?
Or are you not using the internal speakers (i.e. you're using an external HDMI ARC sound system / sound bar / whatever)?


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I have it connected via arc to my amp, which does not do Atmos but...
A few months ago, before the last update to the TV, I used to get it pop up onscreen. So watching the Mandalorian for example, I would get the atmos pop up on screen, even though my amp could not do Atmos. I suppose it might have been a bug that’s now fixed, and now it just shows Atmos when actually connected to a device that can play Atmos? I ask, as I’m waiting on my Atmos amp arriving, so I’ve just added 2 ceiling speakers yesterday in my home cinema room in prep and then thought, wait, I’ve not seen that pop up in ages...

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