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Hi Guys,

Heres my situation, I live very happily by myself in a lovely house on a very nice estate in Darlington. I have been here 7 years and have the house and gardens exactly as I want them. The problem is the house is a Semi and being reasonably new I have to be considerate of the neighbours and keep the volume at low levels particulary the BASS from my awesome MK sub.

I have started to look to move and my house has gone on the market, I've had interest and am sure it will sell in due course. I've been to look at 3 bedroom (on my estate) and even 4 bedroom detached properties on lesser estates but none have floated my boat. When I return from the viewings I am hit with how nice my house is.

So I have been thinking... Why dont I build a purpose built extension for my home cinema. The room would be on the back of my garage and form a L shape into the rear garden with a lobby behind the garage about 2.1mx2.7m leading to the main room of 5mx4m via a door.
I have read the new planning rules and it appears I can go up to 6m from the back of the property and as it will be right on the border of my land at the side, I can only go 3m high i.e. a flat roof.

The room would need to be very well soundproofed and contain a door and window to the garden.
In total about 25 SQM, with power and a radiator.

Budget of £25000 (I am in the northeast so prices here are quite cheap)

I would still have approx 5mx3m of garden at the side and approx 6.5mx7m of garden at the back of the new room.

Any thoughts ... This could be 'THE CINEMA THAT AVFORUMS BUILT'


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Sounds great go for it! Why move and risk unforeseen problems or bad neighbours if you are happy where you are.

Would the extension be accessible from the house without going outside? This is something that may reduce usage if not. Just a thought.


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Yes sounds like the way I should go, I am going to give it 6 months and see what has happened (what offers if any I have had on mine if any and what comes up on the market.

There will be access from the kitcnen. Only possible problem I see is if the neighbors complain.


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I agree with Pingpong, it sounds like it could be awesome! As a suggestion why not make the necessary exquires with the authorities now so that come six months time you will be ready to rock n roll in either building the extension or selling it on with planning permission already in place? If you do sell just stick the costs on the sale price plus a little extra for your time!

Either way best of luck:)

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