Purple snakes???? sorry


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I have searched and i have looked in the FAQ, i've even wiki'ed...

I've never understood what this was, until i saw some purple bits on my PX60 that shouldn't have been there whilst playing xbox.

Is it a fault, can it be rectified, will it be accepted back to the store as a fault?


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I think the answers to your three questions are no, no, no. (Sadly).

No, it isn't a fault; it's intrinsic to the technology.
No, it can't be rectified; it's intrinsic to the technology
No, it isn't a fault.

What is it? The image is made up of an array three differently coloured phosphor dots - red, green and blue.

When a bright object moves across the screen, on it's trailing edge, the pixels at that point are bright and have to go dark as the object moves away. The bright part has all three colours lit, and the dark edge, moving in, has none. The green phosphor decays (goes dim) faster than the other two. As your eye follows the edge of the object, you fleetingly see the residual blue and red colour, after the green has faded. Blue + Red = purple.


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It could be the GPU on the xbox, is it a 360 ?...I had a similar problem on my tv.


Afraid I'm with Andrew on this,

The example with his link is spot on and his explanation re cost is too.

Check out the massive thread re this issue. Colour problems in my Panasonic PX60

It is certainly not the technology just that this range suffered badly and IS a fault, a design fault. The px70 do it but not anything like the 60.

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