"Pure Sonic" Speaker Cables


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My installer wants to install speaker cables from "Pure Sonic". Has anyone heard of or used these cables? They claim that they are as good, if not better than QED Silver Anniversary cables.

Need urgent advice, because the cables are being chased into the walls. What should I do?


Its about 10 year old design by the looks of the date of the reviews. Imho newer cheapy cables would beat it.


Does sound like they're trying to clear out old stock, depends how much he is trying to charge you for it?


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Cables are part of the install costs, which is not cheap. I am just wondering if I should specify the cables. If so, which ones?

Joe Fernand

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If you believe that cables make a difference to your systems 'sound' and you've evaluated your system components using QED or whatever speaker cable and are happy with your choice of cable insist that's what YOUR installer uses - they are working for YOU.

If the installers cant supply your favoured cable then go get it your self and hand it to them - I'm sure they can work out how to pull and terminate a different cable around your install; a 100m drum of your favoured cable will cost you about £500.00 or if you need less simply call a friendly dealer :) and they will cut whatever you want off of a drum.

Best regards

Joe (QED dealer)

Stereo Steve

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Tell them to stop being silly and use mains flex instead at around 10p a metre. If you can hear the difference then you have better ears than anyone else and stand to win the £10,000 that nobody has ever claimed.


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Joe and Steve,

The result that I am trying to achieve is that I want to have a good sound. Spending a lot of money on equipment and then unknowingly let down by bad speaker cables would be a tragedy.

But I take your point that although speaker cables do make a difference, the sound between one high grade cable and another may be of little significance.

Stereo Steve

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I don't think QED SA qualify as 'high end' though. I would say you have to go around £50/m to get high end.

A cable is a cable. Some are better constructed than others and do a better job of protecting the signal from amp to speaker. IMHO, from what I have read, the multi-strand, shotgun design, as used in most QED/Monster etc. lower end cables is a poor design, regardless of materials. A mains cable with a solid copper core is better. Cat5 is better still.

Many high end cables are good becasue they have put thought into the actual design and engineering of the cable. Most cables under a tenner are zip wire in a fancy jacket.

Why not get a demo of some gear and ask to try various cables including mains flex first? I bet you'll be suprised.

I reckon most cable companies work on fear. That is, the customer fears that he has spent a lot of money on components and will surely ruin it all by not spending huge amounts on cables. I must admit to suffering from this as well and have several metres of expensive cable coiled up somewhere. Now, I use DIY Cat5 at about 60p a metre. It's the only cable I've ever been able to tell apart rom the rest.

Physics is physics. A good design of cable will cause less damage than a poor design so look to the engineering rather than advertising hype and magazine reviews.



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I had a discussion with my installer, who has assured me of the quality of the speaker cables in question. They have had good experience with it, and suggest that it will not let the system down.

I suppose that I am trusting them with the installation, and have decided to go along with their suggestion.

However, I wish to thank all of you for your input.

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