Pure Siesta Flow no longer connects to web after I changed my router


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My Pure Siesta Flow radio no longer connects to web after I changed my router. It had been working fine with my old router since 2010 but since my old router died and I got a new one, I can not get past 'Setting up network / verifying key.'
I've tried trawling the manual and Forums but so far no luck. I've also tried manually changing the settings, like clearing network settings, changing the encryption mode, upgrading the firmware and entering my password again and again but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
My router is an _Airties RT-212 ADSL2+ Modem, Firewall, Router 4 Ethernet, Wireless Access Point.
Any suggestions?


Try a factory reset to clear the wireless settings then start again, sometimes a good idea to re-boot the router as well before you start. Also might be worth changing your routers wireless channel if you are still having problems in case it is conflicting with a neighbours router.
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