Pure PocketDAB 1500

vic flange

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Does anyone have any experience of these? I'm looking for a portable DAB and this one seems to fit the bill. In-built rechargeable batteries and even comes with sennheiser headphones.

Would like to hear from anyone who's got one what they think.


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I can only speak as I find but I'm pleased with mine. I live in a rural area and seem to have a really good signal but compared to fm when on the move (walking) in the house, garden or general area it's perfect. Battery time is good as well. In summary, it feels cheap but works fine (for me)!!
Hope that helps


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Can anyone help with a problem I am having?
I have the pure pocketdab 1500 and I am trying to use it with a small portable speaker. I understand that the headphones double as the ariel and when I plug in the speaker lead I have a great signal but when I connect it to the speaker unit the signal drops.

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