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pure gaming lcd shootout


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Ok i am looking for a big lcd screen that is going to be used purely for gaming(xbox360 and ps3).
So the key features are low input lag and good motion handling.

My shortlist at the moment contains:
Toshiba 46xv635
Sony 52v5500

Who can give me advise on which one to choose?
The pros and cons i came accross so far:

Tosh pros
low input lag
little back licht bleed
Tosh cons
no 52 inch screen size

Sony pros
52 inch screen size
sony cons
big chance for back licht bleed:thumbsdow
more input lag as the tosh

Big question is how do they compare in term of motion handling for games.
both have 8ms response time, yes i know other manufacturers use all sorts of fake methods to make their tv look faster on paper....but most of the time it stays to being faster on paper only....

I already looked at a plasma 50v10 but i just miss the pop lcd gives to the picture, for me the picture on a plasma is simply to flat.

To make it even harder in the back of my mind the LG 47lh4000 keeps screaming its name.....


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I already looked at a plasma 50v10 but i just miss the pop lcd gives to the picture, for me the picture on a plasma is simply to flat.

Before saying that I would strongly recommend vieiwng a plasma in suitable lighting, the black levels are superior to LCDs in the case of the V10 or G10 (which is probably better for your uses, and cheaper), but these things are hidden by bright lighting in stores. Obviously if you game in bright lighting then an LCD would deffinitely be better!

Between the Tosh and the Sony though? I'd probably go Sony, but I don't know much about the Toshiba, and to be fair LCDs aren't my strong point in terms of comparison. The Sony V series isn't too bad for input lag though, the review on this site says the same;
...even before engaging GAME Mode, my usual test game of Halo 3 felt very quick and responsive.
I would say that there are sets with lower lag though.

For motion though IPS based panels are generally praised, but the contrast and black levels aren't as good...so really you miss out there. Plasmas have both of course...:rotfl:


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Omg, today i went over to my dads house who has a pana 50v10 in a nicely darkened room..... It made the choise even harder!!

The image is a little less sharp as on an lcd but colours and blacks look way better. When we added some brightness (he seems to like his movies a little dark) it even aproached the brightness of an lcd..... I am a bit lost in the lcd/plasma forrest now.....:rolleyes:

For example i played a quick tour with cod 4 and the reflections on the scope and the gun in the charly dont surf level seemed a lot better on the plasma...

At least one thing is clear now it has to be at least 50 inches.
So its between the pana50v10 and the sony 52v5500

Are there any panel differences between the pana 50v10 and the 50g10?
Is one more likely to have the screen flicker problem? I couldnt notice it on my dads tv....
The V series looks very slick with the alumium strip on the top


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See, I told you :D

The G10 and the V10 use the same panel, it's Panasonics new NeoPDP panel which is proving to be successful in improving black levels and making colour and motion a little better as well. There are a few differences between the G10 and V10 though, the V10 actually uses a different coating over the screen than the G10, this actually makes the black levels slightly worse on the V10, but you wouldn't be able to tell unless you had them side by side, they're both the best you can get without buying a Kuro. The main thing about the V10 is the THX preset though, which wouldn't really be needed for gaming (it's great with movies), and the G10 actually has a little bit less input lag than the V10, although both are as quick as you can get. For gaming, the G10 would be my choice, if you plan to use it for a lot of movies then the V10 would be better, even though it's more expensive. And of course the V10 looks nicer!

I'd take the plasmas over the Sony V5500, the motion capabilities are just on another level, and the contrast/black levels are better, as well as input lag being lower. I would say though that you should be aware of image retention, the Panasonics are extremely resistant, but if you're the kind of person who has 24 hour gaming sessions (on the same game) then an LCD is deffinitely better.


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See, I told you
Yep i know, thanks for that.

Guess i'll go for the v series, gonna watch some blu rays on ps3 too:thumbsup:
Becides that the design looks very good and solid. My current tosh 42z3030d looks like cheap crap next to it.....

Saw the new LG's, very nice design!! only the price is pretty steep, the tech in the tv doesnt differ that much from last year. So you pay a lot more for the borderless design.

No worries with the screenburn, the wife pulls the plug after about 3 or 4 hours max....:nono:

Looked at the 47lh4000 too, nice tv! only problem is the size...no 52 inch :thumbsdow My first lcd was an lg 32 inch, one of the best tv's out there at that time (about 4/5 years ago)


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From reading, and from seeing them at IFA (although this is never the best place to judge TVs!) the LG borderless series are better than the others in the range, and do deserve the higher price tag, but it is a high price tag and the V10 is better!

Hope you enjoy it, if you have any questions then feel free to ask :thumbsup:

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