Pure Football


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Serached and was no thread.

Have just ordered this from play.com as was cheap £17.99 and the few reviews suggested is was a fun 5 a side hit about and a change/break from seriousness of the norm with no refs, no cards etc.
Not a huge footy game fan just the odd game or so but thought id take a punt and try for fun. Do have Fifa 09 and pro evo 2010 and the're great but this seems be a simple just for fun option.

Anyone got it/played it here?
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Searched 360 section for "pure football" but didnt see that. Time for thread that actually states the name. :laugh:

Maybe brave but for £17.99 and some ok just for fun reviews on play.com i said to hell with it i'd give it a go. :rotfl: Certainly not a contender but as a hit about people seem to think it's fun.
If only for some acheives that iv had few of this year. :rotfl:


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Nice, my orders already in and only use same few places anyway.
These low prices already is worrying but the few positives from the play.com reviews said give it a go so we will see.
and if it is bad i have Red Dead coming at same time so not to worry :rotfl:

No-one got it here yet?

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