Pure direct?


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On my Yamaha 675 all the speakers are set to small, if I use pure direct will that then make stereo sound speakers L/R automatically go to large or will they remain small as per preset?


The direct mode by-passes any bass management and sends the full range to the speakers so they are treated as being large certainly when receiving a stereo signal.


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As said, the PURE DIRECT mode bypasses all bass management settings so all speakers would be regarded as LARGE and none of the receiver's crossovers would be in effect. THe only thing being conveyed to the sub while in the PURE DIRECT mode would be the LFE channel if and when present. Stereo sources do not include an LFE channel and only multichannel soundtracks include this.

You'd be advised not to engage the PURE DIRECT mode if you've sat or small speakers reliant upon the sub for bass. You'd ideally want floorstanders if wishing to benefit from using the PURE DIRECT mode.


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Should be fine for music from cd's as long as decent size standpoints. Bit if you have tiny satellites then I wouldn't use that mode, and especially not with movies


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I have MA BX5 floorstanders so all should be good for the little bit of music I listen to, thanks for all the replies :thumbsup:

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