Purchasing a new Atmos capable AVR available in Germany/Europe


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Nov 21, 2021
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Hey! I'm currently working on an upgrade of my 5.1 system with quite an old AVR (which only supports 5.1) to Dolby Atmos. The 5.1 speakers stays as they are, cables are already laid out and new speakers for 5.1.2 already ordered. What's missing is a new AVR. I'm looking for a new one since last year and it seems like this is the worst time ever to buy something in this category. First we had the HDMI 2.1 problems, now we have partly outdated AVRs (still only one HDMI 2.1 port on most devices) still at or above RRP. I don't want to wait any longer (we're not getting younger), so I'm ready to buy whatever there is that is working and has at least a fair price. This is where are need some help:

What are my options for Atmos capable AVRs available in Germany/Europe? I heard of some new Onkyo in the US for example, but they're not an option, as they will not come to Europe until the middle of next year. My requirements are quite simple, I want at least one HDMI 2.1 40 Gbit/s port and Atmos 5.1.4 (although being able to go to 7.2.4 or 5.2.4 later would be great). I was looking at the new X1700H for quite some time, but being restricted to 5.1.2 just isn't future proof enough for me. Thus I currently see these options:
  1. Denon X3700H
  2. Marantz SR6015
  3. Denon X4700H (adds a nicer front and Auro3D)
  4. Marantz SR7015
It seems like I could get the Denon devices next week at RRP, as sellers seem to get new deliveries together with the X1700. Are there any other devices, which are available over here and fit my requirements? Would you advice against buying into the Denon Xx700H or Marantz SRx015 line this "late" into it's lifetime? It seems like I would have to wait for at least another year for new Denon devices. I'm super reluctant with this kind of decision and fear I will go for the wrong option in the end.

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