Purchasing a LCD TV is driving me insane




Searching for a new television is proving to be a difficult task but hopefully with some help from AVF forum members, my task may be made easier.

I am looking to purchase a LCD television, as my 29” CRT is on its last legs. I have been to numerous outlets to view all the current LCD range (Comet, Currys, John Lewis, Tott. Court Road, Sony Centre etc) but still am left confused and undecided.

My main viewing habits will be; watching Sky weekday evenings/nights, playing Xbox 360 at weekends, watching the latest DVD release at the weekend, possibly connecting a laptop or computer to browse the internet or to showcase multimedia content (pictures / camcorder edits etc) to friends and family.

The viewing distance from the sofa to the television will be approx 2.7 metres to possibly 3/3.5 if I decide to move furniture a little bit.

My list of possible LCD panels is quite long but hopefully it will be cut down with your help. I do not like to waste money on needless things but would like to invest in a decent television, as its lifespan will be around 5 years. I have split my choices into three categories.

32” Value for Money (sub £1000):
JVC LT32DS6BJ / LG 32LX2R / Samsung LE32R51BD / Panasonic TX32LXD52 / Sony KDLS32A12

32” Performance (£1000-£1300)
Hitachi 32LD7200 / Toshiba 32WLT58 / Panasonic 32LXD500 / Sony KDLV32A12

37” Performance (+£1500)
Toshiba 37WLT58 / JVC LT37DS6FJ / LG RZ37LZ31 / Samsung LE40R51BX

I have viewed most of these televisions and they all seem to have their advantages and disadvantages. In some cases I was able to see differences in freeview viewing but not always in DVD or HD mode. I have also read the forums on these sets and am still unsure on what model to go for.

I would just like to purchase a decent LCD panel that covers my needs. It should offer good picture quality and functionality. Sound isn’t a problem, as it would be hooked up to a home cinema system.

Any help given is much appreciated. Members who have purchased any of the mentioned panels or people in a similar purchasing decision, your comments will be all taken on board be it positive or negative.

Thank you and sorry for such a long post but spending this amount of money needs much thought :thumbsup:


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What about a Tosh 32wl56?? It's excellent value and I've heard the panels are the same as the wl58's but with fewer connection options (+ different styling)
I'm sure you cant go wrong really with any of those on your list.

There are as many different opinions on this forum as there are members.

thats my 2p worth anyway.


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2.7 metres = is probably best suited to a 32in LCD. If you have the money go for the 'performance' screen' depending on your personal preference .... If I was buying my preference would be:
  1. Panasonic 32LXD500
  2. Sony KDLV32A12
  3. Hitachi 32LD7200
  4. Toshiba 32WLT58


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tbh m8 have you considered the 32P50E, I've got one and it's really underated in my personal opinion, I just want something that will last 4-5 years also, because nothing is ever really that future proof, LCDs now wont compare to ones in 3-4 years so made the choice: Sharp 32P50. I watch Freeview, watch DVDs Via component (stunning) play on my xbox and ps2, also be getting XBOX 360, can't fault it m8. Fair enough not quite the Quality of the PV500 but in terms of price performance blows everything away.


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And mine would be:

1 Hitachi 32LD7200
2 Toshiba 32WLT58
3 Panasonic 32LX500
4 Sony KDLV32A12

So there you go, depends on what you want to do. I know that you told us what you want to do but because we don't all know what it takes to be able to do what you want to do it isn't easy for us to put ourselves in your position.


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I'm more or less in the same position. I'm going absolutely nuts trying to decide. If you see some of my coments in the Tosh WLT58 thread, you will get a better insight to my dilema. I had just about decided on a 37WLT58 (due to it having 2 x HDMI) only to find that the supplied floorstand (which just about made it's fairly bland looks acceptable) would not fit an Denon / Yamaha AV reciever (yes I'm going the whole hog for a complete new system, so having similar dilemas with AV kit / speakers etc, etc.)

I've now got it down to the following: Panny TX 500, Sharp GD7 and Philips 9830 (although all only have 1 HDMI so come the launch of SKY HD, I will be looking for another to put my DVD player in !!!)

All I can say is the Panny was stunning when I seen it displying a HD trailer yesterday in Comet!! and (although I havent seen the Sharp / Phil in action)both the previous versions (GA3/4 and 9986) were the class leaders in their time. All three are particularly handsome (which will keep the wife happy!!)

If your happy with the WLT58 looks, I would go for that. Although too new for reviews, it's predecessor(s) were award winners and the current owners on this forum seem over the moon with it. The fact that it has 2 x HDMI will be a revelation come Feb 06 and the launch of Sky HD.

Good luck, and whatever you choose will be a good choice I'm sure. Keep us informed.

Regards, jonandjen


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Yep, surprised you have nothing by Sharp on your list. Truly excellent LCD TV's in my opinion. Although i don't have any experience of the model Borgy referred to, i have the 32GA5 (i know it's not HD ready before anyone mentions it :rolleyes:) so perhaps it may be worth looking at the GA6 as well as the P50. Excellent picture via RGB scart and component (using this connection will give you HD XBOX360 games at least)
Certainly worth a look. You may even be able to pick up a GA5 like mine fairly cheap online.


Thank you all for the replies given so far.

Nick501 – the Toshiba 32wl56 is quite nice as I saw it in J Lewis a few weeks back. My mind keeps saying get a slightly nicer looking or dearer panel.

Rasputin – thank you for the viewing distance information. I also thought the 37” may not provide optimal viewing in relation to where I will be sitting. The Panasonic is an excellent panel. The rubbish freeview feed in Comet was not a true test but the blacks were blacker, the reds redder and skin more life like than both Sony’s mentioned when testing BBC 1 news and E4 Hollyoaks. On DVD playback there was no real difference I could see when watching Ice Age.

Borgy – The Sharp is now sub £800! I have not looked into this optimised pal television nor any of the other Sharp LCDs. Will read up on them. How would the Xbox 360 cope? Wouldn’t it playback better on a true HD television?

Rhubarbe – I understand your point. We all have different habits. I just thought mine were going to be similar to many others on this forum. The Hitachi you listed as 1 can be had the cheapest out of the 4 panels whilst the Sony is the dearest. My budget should/does allow me to get any of the panels. I just want the best return for my money.

Jonandjen – glad I am not alone. Getting a new television is truly annoying me now. 2 HDMIs would be great for many people. I will not get Sky HD service asap. I will probably wait a good few years, as I never order Sky Movies etc. When more non-Sky channels are shown in HD I will be happy. The Xbox 360 will not use HDMI and thus allows me to buy a HDMI equipped DVD player or Sky’s new box when the time is right. I also liked the Panasonic you are looking at. The Philips is too much for me whilst I have not looked at any Sharp panels. I saw the WLT56 in JL and it looked smart because of the stand. Without the stand the Tosh is not as appealing.

Captaindobie – I don’t know why I have not looked at Sharp panels. Will try and read up on them.

Thank you all again for comments made so far. After the first few comments I have kind of discounted the 37” sets due to the viewing distance. I would prefer optimal PQ rather than a ‘look at how big I am’ television that doesn’t look too great from the sofa.


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Speedking, I'm amazed to see the JVC LT32DS6BJ in the 'value for money' section at under £1000! Are you sure? We bought the 26" version of this set just a couple of months ago and it was over £1k!
We are well impressed with its performance (and so are the mags...) and it has plenty of HD connectivity. Are you sure the 32" is now under £1000?

Doctor Hades

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I know TribalUK are selling the 26" version for around £860, Andy, as I received an email newsletter from them tonight. They are selling the 32" one for £1,092.


Andy3 - I know its not really a 'value' panel as all the mags seemed to love it over the summer period and still highly rate it. There have been newer panels since thus I am also looking at them.

I am very sure that the 32" JVC model can be had for under 1k. I am also looking at other panels in order to make the best purchase possible. All the panels I have mentioned except the expensive 37s I have the funds for now. I could save up for a 37 but due to space it may be a bad choice.



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JVC model is available in a number of places (including Comet and Currys, though whether they actually have any in stock is another matter) for a tad over 1K


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Thats the one I`m going for. I understand what `johnandjen` stated about the colour of the set,the gunmetal is a little disapointing but at the end of the day,if you want a set that just looks good, probably silver, then Sainsbury`s is the pace for you and why is a set thats over £1000 within consideration!
Vanity asside, (who knows,you might love gunmetal), if you want a LCD that has a host of manual picture enhancement funtions as opposed to manufacturer controlled (Sony:Light Sensor take note!) and 2 HD sockets, that is the set that will perform well in the future. You can even manually adjust levels of Red,Green,Blue,Yellow,Magenta,Cyan - for Chri*** sake. It doesnt get better than that.Does it?...
Subwoofer Out
Auto channel change through your `Freeview`timer
Stable Sound - control higher volume levels when films cut to commercials
to name a few..

And one for ladies because we love em....

Cable Tidy Clips - lads take note when your dragging her around Comet on a Saturday and all she says is "Can we go now". Point them out and she will love you for it..and of course,and more importantly, she will love the telly.

I have always had Sony tv`s until now, but now I have seen the light.
Toshiba-the tv enthusiasts telly. Now,wheres my credit card..........


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If only it had any PIP/PAP options..


Definitely. If the Toshibas had PIP, I'd buy one right now.

I'm also in a major dilemma about which TV to buy. I mainly want it for games (XBox 360 and PC), but I also want good picture quality everywhere else. I had the Samsung LE26R41B for a week before returning it due to faulty speakers, and although I was impressed with many aspects of this TV, other things let it down. The DVD picture was generally quite good, but noticed that text displayed wasn't perfectly formed and had generated slight jaggies even with a step up DVD player (probably the TV upscaling to its full resolution) - will this happen with all these 1366x768 LCD TVs?

I'm thinking about replacing it with the Toshiba 32WL56P (going up to 32" now), but I'll badly miss the PIP. If the picture quality on the Toshiba is that much better than the Samsung (and has similar black level performance), I'd probably be willing to sacrifice the PIP. Anybody know how the two compare on this front?

I guess I could always pay a bit more and get myself a Sony/Panasonic, but the costs are starting to get a little much for me there. Maybe it'd be a worthwhile investment though?


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Didn't think there was so many people having such a tortuous time deciding like me!.

Think I have sorted out how to assess the sets (althought I already have a leaning towards the Sharp GA6 without seeing it), go to a shop that will let you play with the TVs', ie settings and feeds, try your preferences with the worst feed, which I assume will be RF. The one that performs the best should be pretty much the one that takes the money out of your pocket.

Another part to my thinking is to get a set below 1k (32 GA6 below £900) as in 2-3 years time you can write it off get another 1k set and not be too put out.

Not sure whether I am being a touch idealistic, but that is how I am going to go about in the next two weekends.

Lord Midas

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I got the Samsung LE-26R41BD (26" LCD). And it is awesome. Fabulous pictures and good sound. I use it in the bedroom and it's perfect. It's HD Ready with 1366x768. Will be fine for Xbox360.

They do a 32" version - LE-32R41BD which is meant to be just as fab.

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