Pulp Fiction : Screen Rolling \ dodgy packaging (from PLAY.com)


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Jul 13, 2000
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East London, UK
Dodgy packaging aside....

This dvd is really amazing when it works.....

Im experiencing "screen rolling problems" ive never had this problem before and my discs are mostly region 1.
Ive been able to play even the most difficult dvds with ease
eg Robocop Trliogy, Terminator 2.

It annoying, as this is my most favourite movie of all time.

If anyone is experiencing the same problem let me know.
My disc was ordered from play.com :

the card board was crushed.

The movie publisher \ label is : Miramax Home entertainment and
on the edge of the spine it says :Alliance Atlantis

And its Saturday late afternoon and my screen is rolling.......
i think i'll get a Snickers Icecream to cheer myself up. :(

my box was slightly crushed as well........packing is v poor.......i'll go and try the movie now to see if i get the rolling.....

is it in ne particular chapter or intermitantly?
It didn't happen in the movie a lot ..but it would roll a little while
and then stop.

On the extra disc it happens and stays rolling.

i'll have to just send the disc back and get a new one
Since then i switched off and on my DVD palyer from the plug socket and the problem has not re-occured.
Its so surreal, my faithful sony dvd player has been going strong for nearly 2.5yrs!

Its an excellent DVD. Shame abt the packaging.

Yeah... its a cool.

this is such an excellent dvd.. but packaging and french stuff
all over the front cover... that kind of ruins the presentation.

Where will it end? Will they add German, Spanish text on the
front of the package? Then Arabic??!!

Originally posted by thestorm
Where will it end? Will they add German, Spanish text on the
front of the package? Then Arabic??!!
Not in Canada, no. Both French and English are the national and official languages of Canada, and that is why both of these are present on the disk covers and as language tracks on the disks themselves.

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