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I keep seeing the term 2-3 pulldown relating too projectors and ntsc dvd's could anyone explain the meaning, I have tried entering it on the search engine to no avail, also, Im sure this really has been done to death but other than opinions is there any actual evidence to whether region 1 discs should be better than region 2 or vice versa???. I myself cannot see any noticeable differences.



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With regards to quality, PAL should be better, it is a higher horizontal line resolution compared with NTSC (though the numbers escape me at the moment 4?? versus 576 I think)

However, I suspect the truth is that the actual visible difference is hardly noticeable.

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You can get badly authored disks such as the recent Red Dwarf season 1 which came out this week.

It is a PAL release, yet looks worse than any region one disk I have, including non-anamorphic letterboxed ones.

Although Pal is technically better, it can all come down to how well the disk is authored.

My current pj is only 800 x 600, so all dvds are converted to 800 x 450, which means they all look about the same to me anyway (except the RD one, which looks worse than the SVCD versions of AOTC and Spider-Man).


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