Pull up bar recommendations


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I'm looking to include a pull up bar at home to my overall routine. What do you guys recommend?
The options i see are;
Door frame pull up bar
Pull up bar fixed to a external wall
complete pull up /dip station.

Are the door frame bars stable? Do they cause damage or leave marks?

I could fix a pull up bar outside, which would give me the height i need (I'm 6"4'), could be tricky in the winter months and i would need the wife to agree...


Yes, but it's attached to my rack .
Not the answer you're looking for :D

If you have the space I'd go for free standing, but it sounds like you dont


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No trees in the garden, but i think outdoor equipment is a non starter in this country. The rain and constant damp will shorten the life of any pull up/ Dip frame.
Besides, i workout before work around 5.30am - not sure my motivation will stretch to winter mornings!

So that leaves the doorframe option which im still researching...


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I use the courage option. Has hand positions for narrow grip, wide grip, neutral grip. Plus I hang a band off it for lat work and tricep work and ab crunches.


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I've got the Pull up Mate and it's quite handy as you can fold it up and put it away when it's not in use. It comes pre-assembled and all you have to do it open it out and prop it on a doorway and use it.


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I went for a SportsPlus Door gym in the end. Does the job, decided to use the fixing brackets for extra security. I just didn't trust I wouldn't end up flat on my back without.

Being 6'4' I cant actually stand under the bar, so I'm on my knees! Not perfect, but it will do for now until I can convince the wife the kids needs a new 'play area', with integrated pull up and dip bar.;)

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