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Pug 306 Amp Wiring


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Just wondered if anyone could help me with some advice on wiring up an amp into a 306 Diesel.

I have recently fitted my Stereo and speakers in (front doors vibrate quite badly, has anyone had success with sound proofing) and would like to fit an Infinity Basslink I have. I know where all the cables need to be plugged into and roughly where to run them but I am undure of things like

1) Getting the amp power cable through the bulk head of the car

2) Do i need to lift up the carpet or just tuck it underneath plastic trim etc. On a golf I had i watched as the fitter tucked them quite easliy away but don't think there is room on the 306

Any help would be great thanks.

Mat :smashin:


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The existing wiring through doors is unreliable, has a habit of insulation cracking. This messes up central locking, e/windows and speakers. You are better off running in new speaker cables for doors.

Speaker vibration could be magnets or speaker wiring block hitting metal door surround. I had to drill new holes and rotate speaker slightly.

I just drilled a hole through bulkhead into passenger footwell for Amp leads, used silicone to seal.

I took out seats to fit cables (power + autochanger), they go up the middle of car.

It is a lot of work, I would not do it on a Pug again, as they rattle so much that the sound quality cannot be appreciated.

P - Reg 306 Tdiesel decat/flow exhaust/K&N v.noisey


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hi mate,

Already had fun with the connectors. My front left speaker was not working. When a friend of mine (good with electrics) took a look wires starting coming away like anything. Luckily I bunged him a tenner and he soldered them back on for me.

I did ask him about the amp kit and he said he would help out but started talking about connected the amp pwer up to the fuse board. I questioned this and he said it was fine but I have heard stories of wiring looms melting so don't fancy taking the risk.

Do you think i could run the cables down the side or has it definately got to be the middle.

I'll take a look at the speakers in the doors. Sounds about right because only the left one is vibrating badly. maybe I just need to re-position it.

Thanks for you advice mate.

PS - Are you saying it's not worth bothering fitting the sub because the car will ratle loads. It was fine in my Mk4 golf but that was a new car. this in an L reg so probably not quite as tight as it was.


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I have positive lead from battery through additional large plastic fuse box, fozGate I think. I used local earthing, but if I were running cables again I would run a direct earth.

Do not forget remote amp switch from head unit.

The "rattles" are mainly from the dashboard, and B-Pillar area, the sub would drown this out, I don't go for really loud, this is a Hi-Fi Forum.......... :D

Good luck.


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Always take your feed for your amp from the battery,you can drill through the pass bulkhead easily.Keep your earth as short as possible and I advise you use the same earth point for your stereo(run a new earth when you run your amp switch).
And remember to keep your RCA's away from any power cables.


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Ok, thanks for the advice guys :smashin:

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