Public WiFi Issue ?


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Anyone else having issues with public WiFi in shopping centres and particularly stores like M&S or John Lewis ? Certain mail services such as Outlook services have issues with messages like “server can’t be contacted” or a permissions related error which I suspect to be certificate related.
Same with the odd website. This seems to be common everywhere I go. Either very slow loading even though bandwidth and contention in store/ cafe is low. I usually just turn WiFi off in stores now. The contestant flag every 20 seconds that “outlook server can’t be contacted” or similar is annoying
This really has been going on for a while since lockdowns began it seems. Someone is not doing their jobs. A lot seem to be O2 based services. I use an iPhone 11 max Pro but don’t think it’s the phone ?


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Sometimes with public WiFi you need to access via a browser to consent to the T&C's?


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That’s true and I do. I even turn my VPN off just in case
I did wonder if it was IOS in some way. But if I turn WiFi off and I’m in a good 4G area everything works ok.
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Public WiFi often (intentionally) has ports blocked and filtering. For example, you might find webmail works but not IMAP/POP.


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I wondered about that. The Telegraph website used to be fine in my local Cafe Nero . Now it’s a nightmare and usually times out accessing a webpage. Minute I switch to 4G it’s fine. Many years in networks and it reminds me of delays when a certificate is rejected if it’s not instant.
I use webmail and that works fine. Oddly Outlook is always an issue but that may be down to unhelpful Apple and MS

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