Public Eye


This is an often over looked private eye series. I seem to remember it originally started of as a one off play but it spawned 5 series which at the time was highly popular.
Out about the same time as the more popular Callan and although Callan is remember by most people Public Eye is often forgot although having a longer run (both having a Wednesday evening slot on ITV but run at different times of the year) .
The premise of the series revolved about private eye/enquire agent Frank Marker played by the brilliant actor although vastly under used Alfred Burke. He and his office were un-glamorous with just the bare necessities; his biggest luxury item was a electric kettle. The stories were set definitely in reality and most of his work was finding missing persons, finding if partners were being un-faithful etc. Frank was a real human, kind, honest, sharp but fallible.
I have just found the first series is about to be released next month. If you want to watch a good drama series and liked the realism rather than the glamour give it a try. The DVD set of the first series is out May 10th.

Picture of Alfred Burke as Frank Marker


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