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PTAE100 vs now


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A fair few years ago I bought a Panny PT-AE100 on the day it was released, for the princely sum of £1400. Lived with it and loved it for a year or so and used it as my only TV in all conditions. The picture was good, but not brilliant, screendoor was very visible and the quality of the image was astounding for the price, but in comparison to a normal TV wasn't that good. I projected it onto my Dulux IceStorm 5 painted wall ;)

I then flogged the PJ on here, moved on to Plasmas and forgot about projectors entirely...

<scooby doo cut to present day>

I'm moving in to a new place and the other half has given me permission to setup one of the spare rooms as a gaming/film room, so I'm back looking at projectors again.

I don't want to spend too much (moving house is expensive enough as it is!) but I was wondering how much of a difference I would notice between my old Panny and the current crop of cheap projectors, such as the Benq W100? Is the picture quality going to be better, comparable, or worse?

I don't want to spend over £500, as it's not going to be a serious cinema room, just a place to chill out, play some games, and watch some films projected onto the wall. Is the Benq W100 my best bet, or being as I don't mind second hand, will I be able to get something HD ready for the same price and quality?


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I'd have thought the BenQ W100 would give a vastly better picture, as long as you don't see rainbows

The contrast on the AE100 was about 500:1, compared to 2500:1 on the BenQ, no screen door with DLP, much higher brightness, stronger colours etc.

The AE100 was the first widescreen projector for the masses, but I think things have moved on a fair amount since then.


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I've owned an AE100, AE200, BenQ PB6100 and BenQ PE5120 (amongst others) in the past and the difference between something like the AE100 -> BenQ PE5120 is huge IF you calibrate your sources / PJ correctly.

It should be said that i've also owned a TX100 and in terms of contrast and black level, the humble PB6100 still beat it in this dept. However colours and resolution was a clear winner for the TX100.

The black level and contrast of modern DLP machines is really impressive these days. You'll not be dissappointed.


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I agree with Cyberheater having also had ptae100,and quite a few others since,a decent budget dlp model will be a massive improvement on what you were used to.I haven't seen the Benq you mention in action but it seems to have good word of mouth.


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I bought a AE100 when they first came out as well and thought the same as you did.
Since then I have had a AE300 and now an AE900, the difference is huge no doubt about it. Much brighter, better blacks, zero screen door effect.
It's easily comparable to a normal TV imo.

The AE500 which are HD can be had on Ebay for under &#163;500.

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