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Jul 11, 2003
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I have just got my PTAE100 and have tried it in my new house. It's going to be situated up in the rafters, attatched to one of the roof trusses and it's not possible to have it more than about 7' 6"from the wall. Also, the angle means some keystone correction is needed.

It works a treat but I was hoping the picture would be a bit bigger. It's not too bad and certainly bigger than a plasma but I would like more. I had the zoom right out.

So, is there any magnifying lens I could get to make it bigger? Or any other ideas? Again, moving it frther away is not possible as there is nowhere else and all the wiring is in place for it.
I haven't heard of one, the AE100 is a really short throw pj as it is.

Was glad to hear it made it to you safe and sound though. ;)
Reckon you could be out of luck............... I'm not aware of a short throw lens for the AE100 - it's fairly short throw as it s, tbh. Usin a diy lens arrangement would be difficult - making sure that you got the focal length correct and avoiding any further image distortions. The throw distance you're using is unusually short - did you check using a throw distance calculator before deciding on that position ?

Sean G.
Yes, I did check and thought it would be fine. There really is no other option anyway. It's good but could do with being a little bit bigger. I guess It'll be OK until I can afford a better PJ. Do any others have a shorter throw?
Do any others have a shorter throw ?

Not that I know of...............

Sean G.
Thanks for the link but I think it would be cheaper to move the roof trusses!

Tried it again and the picture is 6' wide which seems plenty. I think it just looks small from my vantage point up in the rafters holding the PJ to demo.
Fair enough. It however is cheaper at Price Japan. I dug out an email and the price is $339 or £184. And it is compatible with the Panny AE100-500. So if you were consdering upgrading to another Panny in the future then it could be reused.

Im planning on picking up this lens because though I sit about 14 foot from where the screen will be there is a big beam which means I need to place the projector 8ft from the screen. This will give me an 8.5ft wide picture.

This picture however may be too large for the AE100.
Yes, I suppose it's not bad when you consider that. I'll see how it goes and wether I consider an extra foot or 2 to be worth £200. Not even moved in yet so it's hard to say. Sounds like your layout is similar to mine. I can mount my pj up in the beams and because it's so close to the wall and on the other side of a 12" deep truss, it's invisible from 90% of the room.

The only problem I have is the trusses are high so I have to use a lot of Keystone to get a flat image, but it looked fine on the breif demo I did.

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