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PTAE100 A tale of Disaster and Triumph

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by LTJ, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. LTJ


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    Firstly I'll aplogise to the moderator's but I just want to get this all out and this post will cover several topics.

    The begining

    Some of you may know my stance on cleaning the Panny100 or any PJ come to that. My view is simply that an air duster is futile
    dust is only part of the problem. Yes the air duster will remove dust but the big issue is grime. This grime builds and eventually coats the optics and the dust (dead skin and other junk sticks to this gunk. My panny (purchased march 2003) I felt was begining to display signs of this grime ingress picture brightness and contrast not as good, more telling though was the lack of depth! When the panny was new stuff like "Who wants to be a millionaire" had a wonderful deepness when the lights went down and the question began (yes I know this is not a test signal)
    With this in mind I decided to bite the bullet and clean the optics.


    I'd purchased several caortex cleaning cloths from Dixon's took a deep breath and began to dismantle
    Taking the panny apart is easy once the dismantling process is known. I soon had the circuit board off and then the optics -block cover. Then gently removing the cover (Have to be carefull as the polarizers are attached and lay adjacent to the RGB lcd panels).

    Now with the polarizers removed I had a good look under a strong light and lo and behold you can see the dust/grime layer on them. Excited that I can clean these I do so and finish with the air-dust. Sod it, I thought do some more. So I pulled out several lenses and cleaned them also with a small tool I'd fashioned with small strips of calortex cleaning cloth I had a gentle wipe around
    the LCD panels. I put the thing back together Disaster colours are all wrong what have I done?.
    In a controlled panic I dismantle the panny again I take out the LCD block maybe the cleaning has caused this problem?
    I see that the lcd panels are well and truly fixed in place with four small screws. I thought to myself that once these screws were located then the LCD panels if removed could only go back in one position. Boy was I wrong!
    I removed the red panel cleaned it gently and put it back. Reassembled the Panny and switch on OH NO Double disaster
    not only was the colour wrong you could now see that the lcd red panel was now misaligned. Panic upon panic. I knew what I'd done to the Red Lcd and retracing my steps realised that the colour problem had been one of the first lenses after the lamp had been put in the wrong way. I corrected this fired up the panny again yes I was right the colour banding was fine but oh the bloody red lcd panel was clearly misaligned.
    In a state of depression I sent it back to Panasonic who informed me (Mohammed nice chap) that the whole thing would come to nearly the price of the panny new!. I asked Panasonic to send it back and I'd pay the carriage. Mohammed advised try lining up the red lcd myself just be patient.


    I got the panny back took it apart and had a good look. I really didn't fancy moving the Red LCD blindly by increments it would take forever!

    I had no heart in attempting to repair the panny. I left the dismantled pj in a cardboard box on top the the fridge/freezer for several weeks. I'd basically given up and had come to terms with the fact that my stupidity had blown £700!
    Anyhow last friday evening after a hard days training at work I was so cheesed off I'd thought I'd have a crack
    I'd devised a tool made from wire several weeks earlier which would enable me to gently move the red-lcd panel whilst the panny was displaying it's menu display. This worked a treat Slowly I aligned the panel untill no red edging was visible. gently dismantled the panny trying not to disturb the panel and then tightened the screws. I'd nothing to lose so I gave one final clean.
    I then set up sky via the RGB to s-video converter into the iScan pro. Crossing both fingers and preparing to weep the system flickered into life.
    Blimey the picture was fantastic I couldn't believe how good it looked vibrant bright just as new!
    I felt like my panny had come back from the dead.

    I pondered why the image was so much more vibrant more so then when first purchased. Of course the cleaning of the optics would only take it back to a near new state. Then it occurred to me what I'd done. In my preiod of mourning the fate of my panny my friend and me had sourced some inexpensive silver cable/wire.
    I was a hi-fi nut long before HC. So the last couple of weeks we had made up various cables made with .9999 purity silver, insulated them with heat shrink and plaited them a la the kimber cable I'd made one for the Sky box(mains). This stuff is fantastic.
    I'm out of space I've been told. I beg you though try the silver on your sky box.dvd player. If intrested let me know and I'' post details.

  2. theritz

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    Aug 17, 2002
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    What a tale !! If you had popped the question before setting out on such a demanding job, the AE100 Service Manual (not the owners manual that comes with the PJ) which can be downloaded from this location (13.6Mb download, beware if you're on dial-up....:eek: ) gives very detailed drawings of how to disassemble the optical block - iirc, you're supposed to make index marks for the location of the poarizers etc. before moving them so they'll go back in exactly the same place. I'm really glad you got a result in the end - no one could accuse you of lacking couage !!

    It stands to reason that a seriously thorough cleaning ( forensic even ?) should have a good effect on the image - I've a few dust blobs (quite a few in reality, I'd say), but Í don't notice them 99.99% of the time; I'll prob do a copressed air clean over the christmas hols, but I don't think I'd take on the job you've just completed.

    Glad it worked out in the end for you,


  3. LTJ


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    Thanks Sean. A friend of mine once said about me "fools rush in",
    I've actually got a service manual but it's not that elaborate or that detailed on the actual lens/polarizer positions. The polarizor positions don't need to be altered all three will come away with the optical block lid when removed.
    One more thing. PURE SILVER MAINS CABLE. TRY IT!

    All the best


    PS Sean . What hours do you keep?

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