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Hi All

Would really appreciate some help...recently bought a PTAE 100
and have been using S-Video to feed to it from my Home Cinema
Amp...but the picture quality is not as good as I was
hoping...predominantly I think because of the long cable run (about 20 metres..nothing I can do about that!)... a friend has recommended I try using the VGA input instead... so am looking for some advice on the best thing to use to convert S-Video to VGA (or XGA, or whatever the PTAE100 takes? I dont know the difference!)..this should mean I do a short S-Video cable run to a converter, which will convert it into VGA or something, and then do the long cable run to the projector...

I've read the FAQ for the forum, whihc talks about the 'Pro V', but the info is very old, and mos of th elinks dont was hoping someone could let me know what the lates thinking is??

I have tracked down a few convertors which seem to do the job I
want, but I'm not sure which one to buy..I obviously want to spend as little as possible, and most of the convertors seem to do more than I need...but I don't want to sacrifice picture quality... Could some kind soul who understands all this kind of stuff take a look at the 2 links below and let me know what they think would be best?? Or is there a link to the 'Pro-v' which works?? Or have I have missed another option?

Huge thanks to anyone who can help me out! - either the 'LCD
External TV box w/Remote', or 'WORLDWIDE PLASMA TUNER BOX'
or 'PRESENTER 1 SCART RGB - XGA CONVERTER' - Scans 'PV500 Pro-V Progressive PC/TV Tuner Display System PAL I' .. Scan also seem to be about to release a cheaper version, but have not yet posted the spec of the product ( the LN6421 here : )

MANY Thanks

Greg Hook

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The pro-v+ which may still be able in the power buy from the excellent av-sales people.

This is what you want. It will take the s-video cable from your amp, and then a vga cable from the pro v to the projector.

I have the ae-100 and this pro-v and it works great. My setup is a little different. I have a 10mtre vga cable from my PC to the prov and then another 10mtr vga cable from the prov to my projector, so I wouldn't be worried about the cable length.

I went for the pro-v as you can feed it loads of signals into the prov and only have one cable going out of it to the projector.

I think there are more expensive options but as you are looking for something cheap then I would go for this.



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Hi DarkStar

Find the Pro-V+ here:

I use the original ProV with a 15m run to the PT-AE100 and all is well. You also get the bonus of the built in tv tuner so if you don't have sky or such you can watch tv on the big screen.

The ProV+ has stereo sound and teletext.

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