PT480 best midrange all in one system? Wired or wireless?


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Am currently set on the Panny PT480 to accompany the Panny P42G20, but have been advised on here that perhaps Panny aren't making the best audio equipment at the moment, and may be able to get better or even cheaper from another brand. Please help me choose:

Features wanted
plays dvds (blu ray not important)
built in FM radio highly desirable to allow listening to radio without having to switch anything else on
budget around £200

anything better than the PT480 around?
Wired or wireless? would probably pay a bit more for wireless, but is it reliable and worth it?
ease of use is almost top priority as it is for parents who are relative technophobes

for info:
hoping to accompany it with either the 3View 3VHD PVR or the Panny EX773

Thanks in advance
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