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So, it is getting close to the point where I invest in a projector and wanted some advice from you helpful folk.. One is of course DLP and the other LCD, apart from this fact, which one would you go for?

There seems to be a difference in price but I have head good things about both.. I thought id ask you PJ pro's to see if you could shed some light on it for me? (No pun intended :))

Thanks guys.. :thumbsup:


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I have a similar dilema although I was looking at the ax100 vs the in76 which price wise are more comparable except of course one is LCD and the other DLP.

I have asked around and I think the DLP vs LCD argument is fairly subjective and very much down to personal preference. I think the best way forward is to go to a supplier and test both technologies even if they don't have the exact models in stock, at least you will have a good impression of both types of projection.


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You should try to see them in good demo conditions yourself, but if it's any use to you, I've seen the AX100 and bought an IN76 - the IN76 is by far better to my eyes in terms of colour fidelity, total lack of visible artifacts and contrast. I'm very happy with it.

The IN78 is better than the 76 in terms of contrast. If your choice is narrowed down to these two (AX100 vs. IN78) then there's no competition, I'd go for the IN78, subject to you getting a demo first. I've seen a very wide variety of projectors and I'm happy buying without a demo once I've done my research but if you've never had a projector before, you'd be as well to have a demo first in decent conditions, particularly to make sure that you don't see colour break-up (also known as "rainbows") with DLP.



In December last year I was in the same boat as you I went and looked at as many 720p projectors as I could find. I saw the AX100 and IN76 and just as theritz said the IN76 has much better picture quality, to my eye the Panasonic looked on the soft side but it was quite bright. I ended up buying a IN78 because the IN76 looked so good I thought the IN78 had to be a little better. It’s a lot better, the black level and contrast are first class nice bright sharp picture with great colours I can highly recommend it. A big plus point is there is no filters to change either.

The only down side is the RBE affect you must demo a dlp projector to see if it you’ll be OK with it. If you can’t find a demo of a IN78 find a IN76 as they have the same RBE affect.

If you want to see a few screen shots of the IN78 look here -

Good luck with your projector hunting...:smashin:


joshua, if comparing the IN78, surely the price would be more simlilar to the Panny AE1000???

you may want to reda up on that PJ, it's fantastic, and 1080p!


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You also need to consider placement. Most cheap DLP's don't have lens shift, so you'll have to place the screen around the projector and not the other way around!



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You also need to consider placement. Most cheap DLP's don't have lens shift, so you'll have to place the screen around the projector and not the other way around!

... as a balance to this, it's fair to point out that while lens shift makes set-up easy, it has limitations and downside (particulalry contributing to "shading" through achromatic aberation) and set-up is a once-off task - you have to watch the image for as long as you have the projector. Given the choice between easy set-up vs. excellent picture quality, I know which one I'd choose.


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