PT-AE4000E set up?


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Hi everyone, just taken delivery of a PTAE4000 and was wondering if anyone has some settings tips they'd care to share with me?

I've used an old dvd set-up disc to 'calibrate' the projector and am reasonably happy with the results but I'd be interested to know what other owners have their's set like so I can try some different settings.

Any advice will be much appreciated. :clap:


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Not quite got my AE4000 yet - should have it ordered before the end of this month, along with a new screen :) I'll do a dedicated calibration thread once I have it :D

Phil Hinton recommended Colour 1 for 'out of the box' colour accuracy in his review as it matched Rec.709 fairly well, colour temp' (D65) looked quite good also. I'd personally leave Gamma adjust & White Balance alone unless you have the tools to calibrate the image to your screen and room.

Here's the calibration settings from Projector for the PT-AE4000U

I must tress that the 4000 produces good results 'out of the box' and these calibration settings fine tuned the reviewed PJ to the reviewers screen & room, so may not produce favourable results if you use them ... As always, getting your PJ fully calibrated will provide best results for you.

Paul :)

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