PT-AE100 colour uniformity worth complaining?


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May 24, 2002
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Bit the bullet and bough a new AE100 on friday. Bit of advice from fellow owners needed!

I got it from a Panny dealer and intend to get back the price difference through Barclaycard. Hopefully this way I will get the best after sales service without having to pay shipping etc...

I checked the pj in shop and no pixel problems at all. I also asked the salesmen the position on problems with the pj - he seemed to think they woul go beyond panasonic and sort out any problems with pixels etc if they occured soon after purchase.

After less than 10 hours I am very impressed - albeit with an improvised screen with one exception.

I have some colour uniformity problems. I first noticed this during amoving colour film but basically there is a green cast on the whole elft of the picture and pink cast in the top right. It is not severe but is noticable - even the wife sees it now I pointed it out!

I watched a short spell of a b&w film (Rebeccah) to see what it was like and it was watchable but noticable.

Seems to be worse on dark scenes where black appears to be a very dark green. I really doubt it would show up in a piccy so I have not tried.

Question is am I likely to get a better AE100 than this and is it worth trying to swap it now or not? There no other problems and the unit is stamped as July 2002.

If they all suffer to a lesser or greater degree then I have to choose between refund or keep it - if there are ones that do not suffer then I guess I will look for another AE100 that is 'perfect'.

Appreciate any advice


PS I know this topic has been talked about before but all the threads I have seen were fairly inconclusive
Hi Tim.

It seems to me that all these PJs (and probably other makes too) have some kind of issue with the picture if you go looking for it.

The manufacturing process has tolerances which is below %100 prefect - its the only way to get the cost down.

Your 'fault' is not unique and I think is quite common, so you dont have to worry that you brought a 'turkey'.

I am curious why you told your wife? What was the motivation for spoiling her viewing pleasure?

My advice would be to either keep the pj or get a refund and buy a TV.

el indio,

I am very critical and do not suffer faults gladly in this sort of equipment. I do like the AE100 a great deal and I am considering whether it is worth going for a better one, going for a refund or being happy with the relatively minor issues I have. I would be interested to see other ppls AE100s to see if they all suffer to at least the same extent and that I am being ultra picky.

As for tellign the wife, I asked if she could see it to check if I was being mad, once pointed out she agreed but thinks it is a non issue.

Anyway I went to the retailer and they will let me in and check against other models in their stock, if there is a difference I can take home a different one. I am really glad I went for a bricks and mortar retailer...

I would be interested if there is anyone who thinks there AE100 is completely absent of the uniformity problem - perhaps I actually have a great one but am very fussy :rolleyes:

I had the same problem. It was very noticable and off putting. I had a dispute with the retailer (Snakes and Vipers of Bolton) and ended up getting my credit card to give me a refund.

The replacement I bought from Discout Electric, who advertise on this forum, is almost perfect. If I put a snow scene or black and white film on and really look for colour uniformity, I can just see some very slight problems, 99% of the time the picture looks perfect, even though I am always on the look out.

I get the impression that all projectors are effected to a certain degree, maybe I went from one extreme to the other.
Just to let you know, i had a green cloudy tinge to my left middle of screen .... it seems to have gone. Maybe im just lucky though ...
I had a burnt yellow cloud in the middle of the picture and a faint purple tinge to the sides.

I returned my AE100 to my dealer 3 weeks ago and I'm still awaiting its return. Apparently panasonic had to order a "part".

For £1500, I'd expect perfection.
My Panny had a very slight green cast to the lower left corner, not normally visble.

But it blew up last week....

Still awaiting on what the retailer (previously mentioned in this thread)is going to do.

Ho Hum...

I wander if you adjust your projector brightness ect ect if it will clear up for you. I noticed a very slight purple down the left and green down the right on the black background but after I adjusted my brightness on my Pro v it seems to have gone,
I must add tho that it didn`t interfere with my films much it was only on the black background really. I adjusted the brightness lower.
I had a green tint appear in the lower left and upper right corners as well as a red tint in the upper left and lower right corners. I first noticed it at around 200hrs and it was *very*bad. At around 250hrs it sort of went away but is slowly coming back at around 350hrs.

In some movies you see it clearly and in others it is hardly visible. I'm still waiting for Panasonic to sort it out (been waiting for 100hrs viewing now)...
Thanks all for taking the time to reply.

From what has been written here I think that I am suffering from this problem but only to a very minor degree. It doesnt really bother me too much as it is only apparent during dark film scenes - never during bright colourful stuff like bugs life toy story etc.

However it is like this from the box < 10 hrs so I will take it back to the dealer and compare to another boxed one. I guess I will take home the best and get on with enjoying the picture.

In other words the effect is not intolerable and if they all suffer to some extent then I know I can live with it. But if it was a specific fault that would be absent in a replacement...

Thanks again all


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