PT AE 100 "flashing"

My PTAE 100 has about 250 hours on it and is nearly 4 months old. I put a DVD on tonight and found the projecter flashing bright/dark. I wouldnt call it a flicker as it has a steady rhythm, of about 1 second. It was doing it constanlty for 4 mins so I swithched it off.
Any ideas? Does it need to go back?

Grateful for any advice:)

Latest update;

Is still falshing but giving out virtually no light, is also making a buzzing noise as it flashes.

The PTAE 100 is a complete dog:mad:


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Originally posted by mcmullanbrush

Is still falshing
Button up it's raincoat:)

Sorry to hear of your troubles, I mean no disrespect just thought a litle smile might help



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AAAArgh !

I now know how you feel... is the noise its making a kind of sizzling noise ? Thats what mine did before it got the red led of death.....

Bring it back and get it sorted..... if its not a dog then it certainly behaves like one from time to time. When its on song its absolutely brill, though.

Good luck,

Sean G.


I agree they are brill :D
Sat down last night to tinker with my toy while Gladiator was in the DVD player and never got ouy my seat in 2 and half hours :p :D :p . Compulsive is the word.


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great stuff Big_AL! Welcome to the world of big screens.....and you know there's no going back now don't you?:D

Any dead pixels?


Hi mate,

No stuck pixels, thankfully :eek:

IMO it is the only way to watch films at home, that and in bed with ya bird :blush:


It's an epidemic :eek: (Kramer rushes to sell AE-100 before it dies!)

2 in one day. Haven't seen this for quite a while.

Hope you get it sorted soon.



Sorry to hear about the flashing, mine did that and then gave up the ghost fully.

I was told to send it for repair, which I did when I asked how long it would take I was told about 4-6 weeks.

This I thought was unaceptable so I went back to the dealer who said they couldnt exchange it as Panasonic would not credit them with a new unit.

So I went direct to Panasonic and told them that In no uncertain terms that I wanted a replacement - and Im glad to say that I had said replacement in two days.

This was my second projector that had taken a dive in under 7 months - if it wasnt that my cinema room was setup for this projector interms of room lengths etc I would have looked at other options.

My fingers are crossed that this new one made Sept 2002 will last the course (both previous units died after 100 hours and 90 hours).




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Itspman, I'd be interested in what you said to Panasonic to reduce the wait from 4-6 weeks to 2 days? :D


Hi for all thoses who may be interested this is an outline of who I got my projector swapped even though Panasonic had lready said it could not be exchanged, Sorry its a long read.

My first line of attack was going back to my dealer, pointing out that this was the second unit I had that was faulty with in 3 months of using it. They tried to get the unit replaced but were told by Panasonic that they would not credit them for the unit and as such could only offer me a repair.

When I asked about return time I was told it would be turned round within a week, as a regular reader of this forum I knew this would not be the case, So I went back to the dealer again and said that I was not prepared to wait any longer than a couple of days for this unit to be repaired and wanted a replacement - I was assured that the repair would be done and the unit repaired within a week. So I let them send in a courier to pick up my projector and take it to an authorised repair centre.

I then phoned the repair center to make sure it had arrived and spoke to the enginer who would be dealing with it, I asked him when it would be reutned to me and was told that the parts needed were not in stock and would be in the next day.

As I thought this was rubbish I went back to the dealer and requested that the give me an exact date to get the unit returned to me, I was then told that it would be six weeks at the earliest, when I then said this is not good enough, I was told that they were expecting some parts in within two weeks and they would jump the queue for me and get mine sorted as soon as these parts were in, if however it was longer than two weeks they would send out a new unit to me.

When I pointed out that there was no way they would be in within two weeks and that they should stop wasting time and just send the new unit, It was suggested that I might like to take this up with Panasonic, so this is what I did.

The conversation went a little like this:

ME: I want to speak to somebody about replacing my fault projector

PAN: Im affraid we don't replace them, we can only offer a repair

ME: This is the second unit I have had within 7 months that has been faulty, and I am not going to and don't see why I should wait two-three months for it to be repaired.

PAN: I don't think it will take that long Sir

ME: OK then you go and check

PAN: (after a few mins) Im affraid the quickest we can get it reparied is six weeks as we are waiting for parts

ME: Well I am not waiting for this length of time because, I don't think this is aceptable, I have had two faulty units and I believe this product may not be fit for the purpose it was sold for, please will you replace my unit with a new one.

PAN: Im sorry sir but you are asking me to do something that I can't do.

ME: well please put me through to somebody that can

PAN: Sir I am a Customer Services Manager

ME: OK put me through to your manager

PAN: Iam the Customer Servcies manager

ME: well put me through to your escelation point. I not only have a piece of equipment that cost me £1500 I also have a whole bunch of equipment that cost in the region of £9500 sitting there that I can't use so In my reckoning that equates to approx £11000 So will you please get me your boss now!

PAN: (after about 5 mins) Sir please phone your dealer and quote this returns number and they will exchange your unit for you.

ME: Thanks

I have to say I was very firm with them but was not at all rude, it seems they are aware that the length of time for repair is not good enough but while they can get away with it they will.

Sorry this is a long message but I thought the history was a big factor in getting the unit swapped.

Hope anybody else waiting on repair may be able to get an exchange from Panasonic as why should we guys be without the projector due to manufacturing faults on their part.

Kind Regards




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Not at all, I've dealt with similar companies with no joy so would like to know how to handle them in future!

Glad you got a new PJ :)
I returned it to Discount Electric today. I am confident that Ben will do his best for me. I have however, had to pay 20 pounds to get it back to them:mad:
If I get a replacement I will be happy, if it is repaired and back with me withing 2 weeks I will be satisfied.
It is also my second Panny withing 5 months but the first was from a different retailer.


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Itspman... My AE100 is a November 2001 model from the first batch, it runs great with no problems, (touch wood) after over 750 hours :)
If my Pj happens to bite the dust with the Red L.E.D of death would you mind making my Telephone call for me ;) :D

Seriously, well done on getting a replacement, hope the September batch is a lot better than the July one.

good Luck :)


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Thanks for that post.


I'd probably be ok with a 2 week fix, but no longer. These blooming things cost too much money to be messed around over.

Will you post updates of how you get on ??? If yours gets replaced it will give me leverage if they take too long with mine.


Sean G.


I've been waiting since July to have my AE100 repaired. After one month, I had the PJ returned to me (the problem wasn't fatal, just non-uniform colours).

Apparently I could be getting the call to return my unit tomorrow. I probably could've walked to Japan and back with the parts by now...

Pathetic, isn't it? The optical block is going to be replaced...woe betide if it comes back with dead or hot pixels and they try to tell me it's within tolerance!
Mine arrived back at Discount Electric on Tuesday. I am waiting for them to see if they can repair it themselves. If so they will have to order parts, if not then it is back to Panasonic.

I am very annoyed, I was hoping it would be one of the seemingly few reliable units. Panasonic have created a complete pile of sh*te with this model.


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Guys, for those of you having problems, follow what itspman did....he is absolutely correct and Panasonic are imho treading on thin ice with stories of projectors being missing for this length of time.

Quote the sale of goods act, escalate escalate and escalate....and you will get a replacement.

Interesting if anyone could find the Chief Exec's email address for Panasonic UK. You have a 50/50 chance of him reading it direct, in which case it will be resolved immediately:D (a letter will never get to him)
I called Discount Electric today for a progress report.

Seems I wasted my money sending it "next day delivery". It arrived with them lunchtime Tuesday and I found out today that it hasnt even been unwrapped yet.

I was promised call backs on Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening that never happened.

I was also told today that they are very busy and understaffed and had no idea when they would be able to deal with it.

Thanks a bunch!

Anyone got any advice for me?


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Hi McMullenbrush,

Sorry to hear that - the guys I'm dealing with are located about 10 mins walk from where I work, and they seem confident of a good outcome - its in the service centre and parts ordered - I'm to call them on Friday and I'm hoping for movies on the weekend or shortly after.

You're in a really sh!te poition, and I sympathise big time - however, Panasonic's guarantee with the project includes a replacement while a faulty one is being repaired - see the following limk from their website which relates to extended guarantee - it clearly indicates the "loaner" policy.

You have a choice, I guess, phone Panasonic and give out stink for the delay, and seek a replacement, as indicated in an earlier thread, or ask for a loaner - mind you, if they lend you one, you'll probably have no joy with a replacement.

If my guys can't get mine sorted by the otherside of the weekend, then I'll be on to them the deal with panasonic for a replacement - although I hope it doesn't come to that.

By the way, its a complete b!tch not having movies in my house - my other half and the girls even miss it. ****:mad:

Good luck, and keep us posted,

Sean G.


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Hi, Mcmullanbrush,

Any furthernews on your PJ ?

I had hoped to be back in action but it looks like next tuesday or wednesday will be it - I'm ok with this as long as its sorted out then. Have you had any luck ?


Sean G.

Its awful living without it isnt it:(

I have started coming on the internet again:rolleyes:

I spoke to Discount Electric on Friday and was told they could not repair it themselves and would return it to Panasonic.

Even if they get it to Panasonic early next week and it is looked at straight away, I cant see it coming back before Xmas:mad:

Surely if a product has a guarantee, then the manufavturers have an obligation to ensure they have the manpower and parts to honour that guarantee withing a reaonable time. If not they should replace or refund.


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Hi Mcmullanbrush,

Yip its a bugger without it.

If its going to be that long getting sorted out, I'd be getting on to Panasonic for a loaner/replacement - I mean its what they say in their description of their guarantee. We are no in the position that I've read of lots others here being in, and I don't think its good enough to be treated that way by the dealers or by Panasonic themselves. Mine is due on Tuesday or Wednesday next - if I don't have it back then it'll be time to start kicking up some stink.

Good Luck

Sean G.


Mine died today (170 hours). Looks like the PSU has packed up.


I'll be looking for a guarantee that the replacement parts are "upgraded" parts else I want a free 3 year extended warranty.


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Bad luck Dodgey :(
Out of interest, what date of manufacture was your AE100?
I have a November 2001 model and have never heard of one packing up.

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