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Psychonauts - £1 on Steam


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Thought this was a very good offer for what appears to be a highly regarded game. It's £1 but it may be for today only so act fast.

Psychonauts on Steam

Personally I like it so far.

Edit: the offer's expired now.
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It says it's available for £1 "through Thursday".

I bought it too. Really enjoyed it on the Xbox. I felt it got significantly better further into the game.


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Thanks for the heads up. I borrowed this a few years ago and really enjoyed it. This is well, well worth it for £1. I'd been hoping they'd do a bit of a deal on it during their Christmas & New Year sale, but I'm not complaining about the end of Jan.

Give it some Tim Schafer love!!


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Thanks for the heads up.
I second that. Played it years ago when my brother bought it, but thought it couldn't hurt to have my own copy on Steam, at least not for €2.

Game plays fine except the triggers on the 360 controller don't work, but that's nothing new. The Milkman Conspiracy really is one of the most memorable game levels in recent history. :)


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Didn't know you could use the 360 controller, that would be most useful. Can you use one that came with the console, or do you have to buy a seperate version?


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If you have a wired controller you can just plug it in and it'll work like any other gamepad (better actually, since a lot new games have specialised support for it.)

For the wireless ones you need a special receiver (this), which unfortunately isn't sold separately anymore. Unless you can find one somewhere you need to buy a more expensive pack that contains the receiver and a controller (this one.) It's obviously an attempt to make more money by preventing 360 owners from just buying the cheap receiver and using the controllers they already own, but it might be worth looking into if you're ever going to buy a new controller for your console anyway.


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Ah, I see, thanks. I don't have a wired controller, but I do have a PS3 controller connected via USB. After a Google search, I found you can actually use it to play PC games with the correct drivers! It's working tremendously well for Psychonauts so far.

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