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Nov 13, 2003
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if this box is out in the summer and does all it promises,

pvr (tivo)
dvd burner
ps2 console
music on hardrive
pictures on hardrive

isnt that at least 3 boxes under my tv replaced by 1

could the new sony plastation x be launching pvr with tivo in uk


Sony unveils PSX
by Geoff Gasior - 03:08 am, May 29, 2003

Sony has lifted the lid on the PSX, a living room appliance that combines a Playstation 2 game console with a DVD burner, 120GB hard drive, TV Tuner, and even USB 2.0 ports. As a game console, the PSX doesn't appear to offer anything beyond the Playstation 2. However, the PSX's extra hardware should bring PVR and perhaps even DVD authoring capabilities to the table. Sony has a deal with TiVo that extends to 2008, which suggests that the PSX's PVR functionality should be quite robust.
Honestly, the PSX looks a lot like what Microsoft was trying to achieve with its long-rumored HomeStation project. If Sony rolls out the PVR/console hybrid in North America, I'd expect Microsoft to offer a jazzed up Xbox to compete with the PSX.

What's particularly intriguing about the PSX, at least to me, is the encouragement Sony has given the Linux community with the Playstation 2 console. Sony actually offers a Linux kit for the PS2, and I see no reason for them to lock developers out of the PSX. Microsoft, on the other hand, has done everything in its power to keep hackers from modifying the Xbox console.
The PS2 linux kit isn't as open as you might think, however...

I have a ps2 with the linux kit on my desk at work, and while it's quite good value, and a lot of fun, there are limitations. Sony tried quite hard to make it tricky to get raw device access. We can't have users extracting CDDA from CDs, can we? Oooh no, they might use the ps2 as a network jukebox, dear me no! (etc).

Also, it doesn't use a standard linux kernel tree, so forget snarfing down the latest and greatest from to get those VM fixes. It uses a special Sony tree, where "special" denotes "surreally old and outdated".

The distro that sony supply is effectively an old Redhat variant, too. This isn't to many folks' taste (certainly not mine), and it'd be distinctly non-trivial to port something else to it (slackware, debian etc). This is obviously less than ideal, too.

You need access to a VGA monitor which supports sync on green for the initial install, too. However, after that, you can use a TV or whatever you prefer- strangely reminiscent of the halcyon days of blurry ZX Spectrums.

There are some endearing things about it. The first being that for your 200 Earth "quid", you get:

o Special hacked crippleware 40 gig hard drive and interface gubbins*
o Ethernet adaptor
o Sleek PS2 branded USB keyboard (though I prefer using a Sun type 6
USB keyboard at home, it suits my ungainly shovel-like hands a little
better :)
o Cute little PS2 branded USB wheelmouse
o An install DVD with the entire distro - no more install time disk swapping
o A VGA adaptor - needed at install time, but also nice for games which
manage progressive output (these are rare- tekken 4 anyone?)

The other thing that I liked was the way that the kernel that you're using bootstraps from the memory card, which is *very* cute indeed (though you'll need to set aside a memory card entirely for linux).

There are some nice projects which allow access to the vector processors, GS and other bits and bobs from within linux, and a decent amount of documentation, and a "scene" with nice free third part demos, little games etc.

So nice try Sony, I was very charmed by the effort, even though it's less than perfect. However, check that what you want to do isn't verboten before making any elaborate plans for world domination with your ps2.

More info is available at - some of it a lot more accurate and up to date than the above too, I'll wager; I don't really have enough time to play with the ps2 at work these days...

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