PSW4000 vs ASW750


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My adventures in arguing with the wife over speakers and subwoofers may be coming to an end.
If all goes well I will shortly be purchasing 3 Kef KHT9000ACE speakers for my fronts.
To go with them I may also be allowed to purchase a sub in either the form of a Kef PSW4000 or a B&W ASW750. Both are the same price and seem like good performers. However, the PSW4000 has a 12" driver with a 500 watt amp while the ASW750 has a 12" driver coupled with a huge 1000 watt amp.
Has anyone compared the two side by side and would my instincts serve me right in suggesting that the B&W would be a better sub?


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The size of the amp is very dependent on how much boost a small box needs to lift the subsonics to achieve a flat response. Doubling your amplifier power for every 3dB gain at the bottom end is an easy way to lose a couple of kilowatts. Even if it does make it easier to sneak the smaller box past the "other occupants" of the house.
Though they might just notice the forklift truck parked in the corner of the lounge and the massive cable running to the cooker socket in the kitchen. :)



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You can ask Rags about the ASW750 he have one of these.He can tell you if he likes it.

For me I always go for B&W I like the speakers B&W makes but thats my opinion.The best think is to get a demo of the two subwoofers before you buy.


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I've ordered the ASW750 on the strength of the reports on reviews of this sub. I'm confident enough to order it blind without a demo.

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