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PSVR underlines that you don't need photo realistic graphics to feel immersed in the world. One of my fav PSVR games was The Room VR. Worth a look, it does have limited movement (it's not free, you point to a spot and teleport to it). I want to get The Wanderer at some point, but I still have Sniper Elite VR to complete first

As soon as PSVR2 comes up for pre-order, I'm on it.

Yes two im wanting to play. Ive got quite a lot on my backlog list I already own:

Star Wars Squadrons
Resi 7
Hitman 3
Firewall Zero

These are next on the list im waiting on sales and rental discs.

Borderlands2 VR
The Room
Sniper Elite
Everybodys Golf
Iron man
Moss 2

For BL2 and Sniper i want to get the aim controller.

So there really is no shortage of amazing games for the PSVR1 to make the wait for PSVR2 a lot easier.


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Ah, Squadrons; I've got a couple of chapters left to do. It's good fun and there is nothing quite like being "in" a cockpit of a TIE or X Wing.

Iron Man, again, a lot of fun, but I got stuck on one of the later missions and haven't played it in nearly a year! I will go back and finish it... probably...


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To follow up my post im loving PSVR at the moment.

Been playing loads of Astrobot, Hitman, NMS.
Have to say AstroBot is just amazing. What a game!

Getting into Hitman but im just rubbish at it. SWS just looks stunning, inside the cockpits is so clear. I really cant remember the graphics being this clear in a PS4pro.

Ordered a Aim controller so will pick up Sniper Elite and Borderlands in the State of Play sale.

Cant stop playing PSVR at the moment.


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I finished off Squadrons, I'll be honest I put it into Story Mode as I'd forgotten most of the controls having not played for ages, but it's a decent game and the VR is great.

I'm probably going to start Sniper Elite VR from scratch as again I haven't played it for a while.

There's been so much news about PSVR2 lately, I hope we get a release date and price soon.


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We’ll have some exciting reveals from our third-party partners, plus a sneak peek at several games in development for PlayStation VR2.

Thats 11:00pm UK time, Thursday 2nd June


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Updates to my set up.

Bought a white DS4 to match the white PSVR set up. (NB: if your using for PSVR get an official DS4 controller, i had a 3rd party one but the tracking was awful, much improved on the official DS4)


Also got this


Been playing Farpoint and Firewall. Sniper Elite is £11 but im really waiting on Borderlands VR to be in the sale.


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Star of Play announced Resident Evil Village being developed for PSVR2 as well as Resident Evil 4, new remake and PSVR2 compatible.

Also, Horizon call of the mountain is a game, though there is also a 'theme park' style river ride!


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Star of Play announced Resident Evil Village being developed for PSVR2 as well as Resident Evil 4, new remake and PSVR2 compatible.

Also, Horizon call of the mountain is a game, though there is also a 'theme park' style river ride

HYPPPPPPE. very very excited for this. gonna buy a PS5 asap when this all drops.


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Looking forward to this. My PSVR was fun. It made Skyrim feel like a totally different experience. I also spent about 10 hours in NMS as well, but never could get the hang of flying while in VR with those horrible glowsticks.

I hope the PSVR2 is easier to get hold of than the PS5 was!


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From the reports released so far, Dev events, the new headset and controllers are well beyond the original PSVR. The controller's in particular are more standard VR ones ,so developers are already used to creating games with them.

I just wish we had a release date and price.


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Hmmm, March 2023, but no more than 299

Original was £350 and that had no controllers bundled.

Id be happy with under £400, so im over estimating at £450.

£300 would be sweet.

Horizon Call of the Mountain will be 4k!!!

Just look at it! ❤️‍🔥

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Was the original £350? Ok, I'll go with £350 !!!

I can't wait to see some of these games, I'm hoping GT7 will support it too, but frankly seeing the machines from Horizon "life size" is going to be amazing, that and meeting Aloy makes this a must buy.

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