PSU - Multiple 12V Rails vs Single 12V Rail


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Just about to buy a new PSU and I have a query about multiple 12V rails.

From what understand from some of the specs is that the different rails appear on different coloured yellow wires - e.g., yellow, yellow\blue, yellow\orange

And these different colours appear on different wire looms.

So I'm guessing that you have to physically think about how you are connecting everything up to spread the load around - is that right?

And likewise, for PSUs like Corsair that have a single rail does that men you don't have to think about it - you can just use the connector that is most convenient.



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This is a long discussed and debated topic regarding PSUs

When iwas searching for my PSU i found that some are multiple rails but they are combined to make just one rail

Some swear by single rails others swear by multiple as long as its strong then there isnt a problem really


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Some of the makes (and I've only be looking at Antec, BeQuiet, Corsair and OCZ) list the different colours of the rails (4 in some case) and which connectors each rail serves.

So what puzzled me is if I have a Quad rail each with 18A.

One of the rails was only connected to the Molex looms and since I don't have any need of those, that is a potential 216W that I can't access.

Likewise - say I'm drawing 10A on 12V1, 12V2 and 12V3. I have potentally another 24A across the three rails. But if the additional device I want to power needs 9A I can't connect it.

This is what is driving me towards the more expensive Corsair.



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