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The FSP PSU in my desktop has just failed (verified by replacing with a different unit) so I'm looking for a replacement.

I have no idea about brand quality so I'm after some advice please. From some reading it seems that many brands are just labels and that there are a small number of makers.

Is there a straightforward list of brand and manufacturer?

Which makers are worth looking at? Lots of confusingly similar names around but having had a cIT and FSP both fail recently I'm looking at things with long warranty. Corsair? Antec?

How do I tell that a PSU is decent quality? Is there any giveaway in the spec sheets?




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Do you need 600W? Some of the cheaper brand's 600W are less capable than better a brand's 300W. My main quad core PC uses <250W gaming, most of the time <110W. My Core2duo machines use 35-100W.

I usually buy Seasonic S12 power supplies. Seasonic manufacture for other companies and their retail units seem to be very good quality and reasonably efficient. Their 330W unit used to also be sold (rather cheaper!) by Corsair as their low end CX400. The newer Corsair CX series (e.g. CX430) are apparently decent for a lower end unit although more built to the price.

Enermax also make good units. Many of the better known companies outsource manufacture of power supplies. Corsair do this and market many very good units. Look for reviewed units. If no one has reviewed it it's probably not worth considering!


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I must admit, I've read mixed reviews of the antec. Although it is £10 cheaper at scan today only.

I like the idea of the long warranty on the corsair I had thought of the 650TX?

I've never actually checked the real power consumption. The dead one is a 700W, but that was because it was on a special. The previous PSU was a cheapy (EZ-cool or something?) 550W that dropped out when the machine was working hard.

Machine is a dual core intel with 4 sata drives, 2 dvd recorders and a 4600 series video card (I think. I'd need to check)


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Cheap power supplies may not even deliver a fraction of stated power. Really I have no idea how they get away with it!

ATI Radeon HD 4670 Graphics Card Review - The Test System - Legit Reviews

This review has your graphics card (if it's a HD4670). Maxed out in this system playing crysis on a Quadcore extreme QX9770 processor system it draws 218W, your CPU will likely draw about 50W less than this!

So probably don't worry so much about the headline power, make sure it's a respected (and reviewed) brand.

I believe the Silverpower SP-400P2C that scan do is a good quality unit. A lot of people swear by the Corsair CX series (especially the slightly older outgoing units). I have a Silverstone Strider and two Seasonic S12s. No strong views on the Silverstone PSU, it was cheap on the day; the Seasonics have been great but are expensive for their quoted power.


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Can't go wrong with Corsair at the moment.


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OK, I've gone for the Corsair TX650. £67 delivered from dabs.

I don't want to hear any horror stories or cheaper prices for it. :)
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