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PSU Ace 750watt problems


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I've just sold off a few computer parts to a friend as in a motherboard bundle. Problem is he's getting random shut-downs anywhere between an hour and 4 hours. Now I know what I sold him was perfectly ok as I had been using a couple of days before I sold it to him with no problems. Only thing I can think what's causing it is the power supply. He says its an Ace 750w and these are the outputs...

+3.3v - 26A
+5v - 28A
+12v1 22A
+12v2 22A
-12v 0.3A
+5vsb 2A

Are these any good? When I had it I was running it with a Jeantech PSU 600w and these are the outputs for that...

+3.3 - 32A
+5v - 60A
+12v1 - 19A
+12v2 - 19A
-12v -1A
+5vsb - 2.5

So the only things he's added are a PSU, hard drive and graphics card. I still say PSU!


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Can I also add the CPU was a Athlon 64 x2 6000+ (windsor), Gigabye AM2 m/b and 4GB of Hyper X DDR2. Whilst I had it I had no ramdom shut-downs etc.


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Ok so any recommendations for a suitable PSU based on the components listed? Also add in 1TB hard drive, graphics card etc etc.


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Depending on the GPU he fitted it may have topped out that PSU.

Two 12 volt rails at 22 amps (44a but more like 40a on cheaper PSU's due to the poor construction), will only be about 480w if your lucky.

The Jeantech you mentioned would be 2 x 12v at 19a (35a-ish) = 420w-ish.

After about an hour or four depending on the load and room temperature the PSU is most likely overheating and shutting down.

A quality brand 550 - 600w PSU from Corsair, XFX, Seasonic or Enermax would be more stable, the number one thing to not scrimp on is a PSU, if it were to blow it could take the rest of the computer with it.

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