PSP's WIFI Range, and 'new Jim'


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Hi everyone,

Finally had chance to try out sending and receiving files between two PSP's1

A new bloke started at my work today and he's got a PSP, so I tried an initial WIFI range test ( yes I'm a geek ) and I walked nearly 30 metres away across the car park as 'new Jim' stood at the office window (double glazed in case this is relevant) and with the thumbs up signal started to transfer an image file from his PSP to mine and then, quicker than you can say 2.4 Gigahertz, I raised my thumb for a second time to indicate the successful transfer of the file!

Although not entirely scientific, I feel as I have possibly set an early benchmark in 'PSP wifi file transfer distance', and I'm confident that I could probably double the distance in future tests, in fact it could become difficult to see Jim stood at the office window and I may need to develop a basic morse code procedure with torches, or possibly use walkie talkies and hope they don't interfere with the signal.

If any other members have any distance records then perhaps we could have a PSP wifi shootout!

What do you mean I'm a sad geek with too much time on my hands!!

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