PSP WiFi Browser & Internet connection HELP


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i have a wireless network (secure) with WEP key. have tried so many times to connect the PSP but no luck.
Going through the process PSP sees the network so I enter the WEP key onto the PSP, which is not easy with all those characters but can't connect, is there an idiots guide somewhere or a easy setting guide or walk through to get me connected?
hope you can help.



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OK, tried now on 2 x PSP's
this is what i get:-
scan from PSP and find network (100%)
"WLan type" I select "WEP"
address settings "easy"
I now have a connection name, SSID security with correct WEP key for my home network.
save settings & test connection.
"connection to access point could not be established" is the error i get.

I must be doing something wrong, any ideas?


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I don't have my PSP to hand to check the steps you are going through but I had similar problems when originally connecting my PSP by wifi.

I found that while my wifi router would accept the WEP key as either ASCII text or hexadecimal the PSP would only accept one of these formats (I think it was ASCII but cannot be sure).

So first try entering a very basic WEP key like 12345678912345 etc. and try again.

Eventually I got mine to work. then my router failed so I replaced the access point and gave up on encrpytion, using mac address filtering instead and disabling SSID broadcast. Much easier and on some devices also much faster as no overhead from encryption.

Hope this helps.

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