PSP USB cable: Is it standard?


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One more question about PSPs before I spendola:

Is the PSP USB connector cable a standard one? I mean, looking at pictures of them around the net it looks a lot like one of these:

(appologies if this image doesn't show up, it's been a long day!)

So is it the standard type of small usb plug which a lot of devices use, or have Sony done their usual thing and knocked up a proprietry thing?




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Neat. I have about a million of these kicking around the place from MP3 players and card readers and stuff



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I read somewhere else about someone having problems because their cable was only USB1 (not 1.1) compatible and didn't connect properly. I use one which also is used to connect to a Sony camera and haven't had any problems. If anyone needs a cable I can recommend http://www.cableuniverse.co.uk/ for cheap prices and fast delivery although there may be cheaper suppliers out there.

(I have no connection to the company).
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