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Nov 11, 2004
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Has anyone returned their PSP due to dead/stuck pixels and got a refund?

I have about 5 white ones (Stuck or Dead?). 4 are very small and hard to notice. 1 is larger (prob a couple together) near the bottom left. Still hard to spot but do occasionally.

I would like to know where people have bought PSPs from and taken them back with no hassel.

Mine is recent 1.5 Jap import model but I intend to buy a UK one at some point (and check it first) now that I can downgrade and then take the Jap one back for a refund. I'm hoping the store wont check and find it's a Jap one when I do this.

I could send it back to the retailer as it has a warranty but I feel this will be a hassel and I shouldn;t be penalised because stupid sony don't supply enough to the UK and supply defective products. Guess I should have just waited.

Also how are supply levels at the moment?

Finally would sony entertain me if I tried to swap it with them or willl they tell me tough luck for buying abroad. Where does the law stand with this?

Cheers in advance.
We all know and from countless post on all the forums, Sony dont regard dead pixels as defective!!!

As for what you intend to do - very naughty - clever retailers already know this and would say speak to Sony direct!!
Quote Robo989

'Sony do a FANTASTIC warranty service in addition to your 1 year warranty with the retailer. They have swapped my psp a couple of times, the shop was being arsey about it. They came the next day after calling them each time and swapped it straight for a brand new one.'
Took mine back to Woolworths today and they exchanged it without problem. They had to phone Sony while I was there.

thunt said:
Took mine back to Woolworths today and they exchanged it without problem. They had to phone Sony while I was there.


Was it for dead pixels and if so how many. Did they give sony the ref number off the console?

I want to get a refund when I do it tho.
i think they would find out if u took it back and claimed it to be something different coz they have unique serial numbers ;) Still though its always worth a try :smashin:

sniperkid said:
i think they would find out if u took it back and claimed it to be something different coz they have unique serial numbers ;) Still though its always worth a try :smashin:


how would they know unless they checked. If I just showed them the pixels and said I didn't want another till I was sure sony had sorted itself out then I could get a refund. If I paid cash I would just give false info when they asked for my address etc on the refund slip. By the time they sent it to sony or whatever it would be too late. I would have a UK one and be gone.

One thing is that the downgrader may not last long if sony up the firmware version soon. Am i right that you have to upgrade to 2.00 to be able to downgrade. Also my jap 1.5 can play uk umd movies (unlike downgraded uk 1.52 to us 1.5) which I think wouldn't (can someone confirm this). This is only academic cos i will never buy any umd movies and as people have said us one are more plentiful and cheaper also.

The dead pixels arn't too bad but it is anoying knowing there are perfect ones out there.
no need for the hypothetical nonsense (no offense) but to keep it cut and dry...

1. You want your psp swapped?

Lets say its got 1 dead pixel and you wanna try a shot at a swap? Well just phone up sony and say its got AT LEAST 5. If you say its got 5 they WILL swap it. You may have to be a bit pushy but as long as your not rude, just firm and tell them your not happy they will swap it.

Someone from a courier will come to your house to do a swap, they DON'T check the console!!! they just make sure its there, with the charger and battery.

There we go your done.

Once the swap has been done - its been done - its a contract in essence and sony cannot go back. By picking up the psp from you and giving you a new one that is showing acceptance of the faulty product.

Its abit like when you sign for something to be delivered. You are sighning to say 1. The goods have arrived 2.The goods are in good order and the boxes aren't damaged and everthing is there to your best knowledge.

Yes I know no ever actually checks everything out before signing, and there are laws to protect you on this (your under duress really)

Bascially don't worry about anything, and certainly don't bother with the shop...

UNLESS you want a refund,[mod edit]
Thanks for that Robo

Do you have a number for sony I can call that you used when swapping yours?

One thing is that they would then have my details to harass me if they spotted it was a Jap one. If I do it the shop way way I remain anonymous.
i really don't agree with all this [mod edit] for a refund talk
tomgoodfella said:
i really don't agree with all this [mod edit] for a refund talk

Yea if they clocked it was a Jap one I was trying to give back and refused to refund it I would be fecked big time.

Plus I wouldn't be willing to that even if I has a uk one I wanted refunding. Would just kick off about the pixels. Think that would be enough.

May try to phone for an exchange and just forget to mention it's Jap one until after. If they come after me when they realise I will just claim ignorance.

Ingnorance is bliss!

On the down side, by the sounds of it I may end up worse off changing it according to the dead pixel thread. Someone mentioned having 17! :eek:
Please don't try and educate me on morals. Just as you wouldn't appreciate me doing it to you.

Of course there will be people who don't agree with this. In fact I prolly wouldn't do it myself, but I can't be sure of that since it hasn't come to me needing to pull a sly one. morals soon get flushed down the toilet when your new toy stops working or its not what you were expecing it to be.

I'm just telling the bloke how if he wants to get it exchanged, he can do so. Don't even bother lecturing, its been done way too many times. If your not, then thats fine, in that case I'm not having a go at you, just don't interfere, the wanted a suggestion I gave him one!


The number for Sony is in the back of the instruction manual for most games, its also in the instruction manual for the psp, can't remember where although most likely front\back.

The consoles take 2-4 weeks to get back to Sony.

There is nothing to worry about, at the end of the day..

You prolly won't be able to swap your jap psp cos they ask for your serial number and I would suspect that the serial number is linked to the region the psp is from.

If your feeling really sneaky you could note down the serial number of a friends psp and use that when u speak to sony.

I'll say it again, you have no cause in worrying that sony will hasstle you if they find out its a jap console. I think its incredibly unlikely they'll chase u on it and even if they did you can just say sorry it was in error you sent them the wrong one.

If they don't believe you, who cares? You won't go to hell for it i'm sure and sony are certainly not gonna bother chasing u legally for it, your insance if you honestly think they would. Burden of proof would be on sony to prosecute you, and exactly what they'd do you for I don't know "obtaining goods by deception?" maybe. still prooving that it was done on purpose is nigh on impossible.

I won't say anymore
yes i made a big attempt to educate you on your morals!

i stated my opinion that it is wrong to do such a thing. fact.

and i'm the person with 17 dead pixels which is why i get wound up by people who will go to extraordinary lengths for the sake of a couple :suicide:
Sod this, look the guy wanted a hand I told him a way that might work. jeeze get a grip and loosen up!

And stop trolling his thread!
Come on lads, no need for handbags. Tom merely stated that he didn't personally agree with Robs method of getting a refund. He's not trying to educate anyone on morals, just stating his feelings. I guess his post doesn't really add anything to the thread but he's not having a personal go at you Rob. Further to this, I personally agree with Tom and I don't think that we should be encouraging people to do things that are essentially illegal anyway. I have deleted some posts.

No more please. :smashin:
Infact I think this discussion has gone on enough - closing thread.
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