PSP on your TV

Baron Von Doom

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ive seen this on another site. dont know what the picture will be like as its only got composite, and the psp is designed for the small screen.
psp has to be opened up and cable atached to the ribbon cable that connects to the psps screen. i think the psps case has to be changed or modified as well.


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who the hell would want to pay 70ish pound to play PSP games on a tv via composite connection ? lmao.theres nothing out there exclusive to the psp really anyway and i would imagine the picture would be awfull aswell.


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I had one already. It's called a PS2. You may have heard of it.

Most pointless add on ever. The second P in PSP should show how stupid this actually is.


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The TV bit will be awful quality but I like the idea of being able to plug in a PS2 controller when I'm not out and about with it.


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It is so pointless. It's like having a kit which will battery power your PS2 and provide a tiny tft screen to play it on the move. Only weighs 10kgs... You would have though they made the psp small enough to carry around - oh wait a minute... they have :eek:

Baron Von Doom

Well-known Member
it may be pointless and give a rubbish picture but loads of people will buy them. (not me)
ive spoken to loads of people who want to play there umds on there tvs and dont seem to understand that picture quality wont be very good. even the manager of my local game store thought it was a good idea.

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