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I have a 512mb memoery stick duo.
it had 24 songs on it that worked. i created the music folder my self since it was not a sony memory stick duo. i did not format it. but before i left on this trip i'm currnetly on, i tried to add a video. i created a folder with some funky name like "(It had some name beginning with ms)" someone at a psp forum said i had to in order to play videos. then i created a folder inside that folder called "55644564564465(not exactly, but the folder were a bunch of numbers)" so i placed the video into it and it didn't work. it was a mp4 format video.
anyway i am in a computer lab in houghton, MI
this is my only computer source. i wanted to play with the psps video folder inside of the memory stick duo a little to see if i got it to work then
i thought if i formatted it then the video might work. so i placed everything on the desktop of this computer and then formatted the memory stick duo. There was nothing on the memory stick duo. then since the music folder and everything else was there since i formatted it i copied and pasted the music back into the memory stick duo, since i placed it on the desktop so i could put it back on the memory stick duo. I placed the video that never worked on the memory stick duo. then my memory stick duo had 200mb left, the video is a 100mb, and 24 songs is well you do the math. i checked to see if the video worked and it didn't, i checked to see if the music worked and i really thought it was working but it wasn't, i couldn't believe it. all 24 songs were there its just you couldn't read the title of them nor listen to them, the psp said it was corrupted data. then i took off the music and it is still on the desktop of this computer, and i erased the video from the memory stick duo and from the computer since i was fustrated. so now i go back to the psp and was going towards a game and realized that under the music section it said i still only had 200mb's. I don't really care for the music but i took if off, i made sure of it. deleted everything. i didn't drag it to the trash i deleted it, so it would be there. no video no nothing. now i only have 200mb. my memory would not come back. I don't know if this has anything to do with it but this computer i'm using which is not mine is not windows. its operating system is linux. can you please help me at least get my 500mb back.

Cable Monkey

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Turn the PSP off and on again and take another look.

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