PSP - Is it worth it?


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So I'm off to America for a few weeks and was thinking a PSP might be a good investment.
Looking at the prices I can get a new one from the states for about $170 or I'm hoping to get a similar price from the duty free.
Here are my thoughts ...

Being able to use Skype to call home would be very useful :)
Media streaming. I have a PS3 so I can control that which is good. Ultimately I would like to stream MP3's to it from something like a QNAP so I can play my MP3's on any hi-fi's around the house.
Internet access is always handy.
Gaming is a bonus.

Am I just wasting my money here, or am I going to be pleased with a PSP-3000 for the above?


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I should think so, most of the features are useless unless you are near a wifi hotspot
I use my PSP at work I stream my music or watch playTV and it works great, just a little bit niggly setting up remote play if your router is complicated, but a great machine all in all. I also find Skype is best used with earphones,


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If John Lewis had any vouchers you could of used one of their £140 PSP 3000 + Resistance. They use to have £10 or £20 off £100 spend quite often but haven't seen any in awhile.

PSP 3000 with Fifa 09 or Need for Speed maybe still £129.99 in Sainsburys. Beats the Argos deal, four quid for a game included.

Toys R Us have the Red PSP 3000 with Resistance for £129.99 if you don't mind the colour.
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Is it easy to stream music?
I read somewhere that you needed to have the PS3 on which is not ideal.

The PS3 is only on when you want to use remote play once your done you can turn the PS3 off via the PSP, I can also access my external drive via remote play too which is handy if you have movies stored. I bought mine from CEX for £80 after trading a few bits in, might be worth a try mine looked like new

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