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Hey everyone,

Really new to the PSP scene, just getting my 1.5 PSP today and I am pretty overwhelmed by the amount of homebrew available out there :O!

So, my question is... What should I be grabbing to test out on my memory stick first? So far, all I have tried is the wonderful SNES emulator, and the PGEN port. Ive read somewhere about a piece of software that lats you stream avi's to the psp from the pc?

Ta :D


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Is there a decent SNES emulator. I have one version running on my 2.6 PSP but it runs at about 10-15 frames per second. Awful!


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Snes9xTYL was the one I tried briefly on a friends 1.5 and it seemed very impressive. He had his setup with antialiasing and stuff on and it still ran pretty much full speed (tried FF6 & Super Mario World). is the link I believe :)

EDIT: Make sure you get the kernel "me" version as its meant to run much better, not sure if it runs on 2.6 tho? Still a bit new to all this.

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